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Apr 29, 2007 10:41 AM

Steamed BBQ Pork Buns in Chinatown

We are headed to Chiatown next Sunday and would love to know where your favourite steamed or baked BBQ Pork Buns can be found. Anyplace from a hole in the wall up is good for us, just want them hot and fresh! Thanks

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  1. Family Pastry on Spring St. between Alpine and? I can't remember that other street. I LOVE LOVE their baked one and their steamed one is good-but I don't think AS good.

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      CBS Seafood Restaurant, 700 N. Spring St., L. A. You can get the buns in the deli adjacent to the restaurant.

      It's across the street from Family Pastry. Go to both.

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        Family Pastry has the best baked char sui bao, think they're 65 cents each. They open at 7am 7 days a week. You go there on a Sunday and it will be a zoo with traffic and parking there. Best you drop someone off and try and circle the block. Near the corner of Ord St. on Spring about a block from Philippes.

        Family Pastry
        715 N Spring St
        Los Angeles, CA 90012
        (213) 680-4584

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          I agree on the baked buns from Family Pastry. In the steamed buns, the dough is often dry.

        2. Family Pastry
          New Won Kok
          and the place in the alley by the Phoenix bakery.