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Apr 29, 2007 10:39 AM

Restaurant openings

The flip side to the Restaurant Closures thread.

Two to report:

The windows of the late, lamented Les Chèvres are papered over. A sign says Le Joli Moulin, specializing in steaks and seafood, will be opening soon. It also says *Depuis 1971*. Say what? Google shows a resto of the same name on Sherbrooke East on the far side of the Olympic Village.

The formerly shuttered kitchen at Benelo (2145 Crescent, discussed under the Best Coffee thread), has been taken over by a young and enthusiastic chef from France, who's just coming off a stint at Aubèrge St-Gabriel and has worked with Eric Gonzalez (formerly of Cube, now at XO in the St. James Hotel). On Wednesday of last week, though he was apologetic about his offer ("I've only been here for three days; come back in a week or two"), it all looked good to me. Several types of pasta, vegetable, legume and fruit salads; pannini; small quiches; crème caramel. My quiche with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, onion and black olives was lovely -- the crust superb -- and the accompanying lettuce salad was impeccable. A take-home dish of pasta in béchamel with mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese was tasty and perfectly executed if predictably a little bland. In any case, a spot to keep an eye on. The chef says he'll be offering catering services too.

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  1. carswell

    Thanks for the update! Speaking of the late and lamented... any word on Anise - either the location or the staff?


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    1. re: toddmundt

      Walked by the location this evening. Windows papered over but no "opening soon" sign. Don't know what's become of the staff, though the chef-owner is surely taking a well-deserved vacation.

    2. New downtown pub- The Irish Embassy is opening on Bishop below St. Cath. Have been to the one in Toronto and they do pull a great pint. The food is above-average pub-fare, IIRC, with a definite Irish twist.

      1. This is not a restaurant, but the Bilboquet ice cream establishment recently opened in early-April a Westmount location on Sherbrooke West(just west of Victoria). This would be their second location. I was there on opening day. I found it a little funny, that while almost all their customers ordered in English, the menu on the board & etc was only in French.

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          1. re: lagatta

            Maybe it's the reality of Montreal(even in the West Island), but I still find it a little strange.

          2. again, not exactly a restaurant.

            Saum-mon openned a new counter on St-Laurent in a small space in "Le Sergent Recruteur" ( corner of villeneuve ).

            I have not tried it yet ( or even the original business )

            1. I have been to the Irish Embassy in Toronto, its quite good-same owners?
              In the West Island, in the Forty Westt complex they are opening what looks to be a large upscale bistro called Towne Hall.