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Apr 29, 2007 10:32 AM

Haifa Restaurants

I will most probably be booking a flight for Israel tonight staying 5/20-6/3. We will be staying primarily at my daughter's apartment in Haifa. I will probably be spending some time in Jerusalem, but mostly in Haifa enjoying my granddaughter. Any recomendations for restaurants in Haifa would be appreciated.

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  1. Yotvata has a restaurant at the Bat Galim entrance to Haifa. What sets it apart from the other restaurants in the chain is that it has a cable car that goes up the Carmel to the Stela Maris Monestary. You'll notice in downtown Haifa a chain of bourekas stalls called Bourekas Bakhar u'Banav. They are a real local eatery and everyone in Haifa respects Bourekas Bakhar. In comparison to other bourekas places (most notably Bourekas Turki near my former base of Tel Nof) I thought that they were okay. There are also plenty of good places in the German Colony. It is going through a real revitalization and they have opened some slick eateries there.

    1. Keep us posted as I'll be there shortly after you!