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Apr 29, 2007 10:31 AM

Boogaloo's Maplewood, MO?

Has anyone tried their food?I hear it's good and a fun place to go.

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  1. I thought the food was fine, but unremarkable. I don't remember enough to give details, as it was a few months ago. It is a neat space.

    1. We went for lunch a number of months ago; one entree was great, one was so-so. But you cannot deny that you are in a place with a vibe.

      1. Had dinner there a few weeks ago while making the rounds of everywhere in the area owned by that group (whose name I cannot recall) -- BARcelona, Roxane, et al.

        Boogaloo was probably the least upscale but most adventurous of the group, & I actually thought the food was good, if a bit heavy on the fried-department.... they seem to hold themselves out "Cuban tapas," which I suppose is accurate, can't say I've had much in the way of Cuban food with which to compare them! But there was a wide selection, much wider than advertised on the website, & a South American & Spanish-oriented wine list that was not badly priced.

        We ate strictly small plates -- several dishes were just so-so, several were not what we were expecting but very good, others were good + a lot of fun. The above poster is right, it's definitely a space with a "vibe," there is just a bit of fine-tuning that needs to happen with the staff, presentation, etc.

        We dined there late & ran into what I think is the late-night bar crowd, which got pretty raucous, but I suppose that is to be expected with a spot that holds itself out as a "spot" in additional to a restaurant. I mean, hey, it's not just anywhere that uses swings (literally hanging from the ceiling!) as barstools. A waitress at another establishment described it as "a lawsuit waiting to happen," but it's pretty clever in the meantime...

        Atmosphere-wise, I wouldn't go so far as to call Boogaloo upscale or fine-dining -- it's much more casual & with a younger vibe than that. But it's a great chance of pace if you're sick of American fare or food otherwise described as straight "continental."


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          It is one of my favorite lunch places. Even though they have a pretty limited menu then. The jambalaya is really good. The gumbo is excellent. The medianoche is so-so. It definitely has a different vibe during the day than at night. When the weather is warm they open up the front doors to let the breeze through. I just go there and chill, read a book and have a slow leisurely lunch. Life is good. Note that I don't go there for food adventures, it is a good hang out place for me.