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Apr 29, 2007 10:21 AM

Birthday lunch in Pasadena

On Tuesday, I'm taking my sister out for her birthday. I'm looking for: good fun, moderate prices, and something different/fun. I live in Claremont, and she lives in Silver Lake, so around Pasadena would be a good place to meet. Ideas?

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  1. The Scarlet Tea Room has pretty good lunches, and I don't think they are too expensive.

      1. Afternoon tea at the Huntington Library & Gardens is fun. Quality of the food is not up to the standards of many Chowhounders, but you can't beat the location. It's an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

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            I was going to suggest the Crepe Vine, too. The service can be a little spotty, but the owner is always there when I've been and she's really nice. They have good crepes and great fries.

          2. Another one for the CrepeVine. I also like Marston but they can be crowded. Green St. Cafe is another consideration for a fairly casual lunch.

            Other places to check out include 561 Restaurant (the cooking school restaurant) that has some really creative dishes -- too bad you're not lunching on Thurs/Fri - when they have a steal of an eight-course tasting menu for just $35.

            Maison Akira / Japon Bistro are also good options for modernized/fusion japanese lunches.

            Another fusion place I've heard good things about Thaitalian, have been meaning to go for awhile now.


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              Julienne in South Pas/San Marino on Mission. Lovely spot - nice lunch/breakfast. They'll do a nice birthday thing if you let them know ahead of time.

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                I'll second Julienne. It's very nice.