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Apr 29, 2007 10:00 AM

On business in Dallas & Houston - craving Pho & Boba!!!!

I'm in Dallas & Houston this week for work & I'm craving good pho & boba tea (not necessarily together) like no tomorrow. I know nothing about either area & have no idea where to go...but I have a car so transportation is not an issue! Is there any great & authentic places I should check out? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

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  1. Where in Dallas will you be staying?

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      I'm working @ the Galleria & staying off of Quorum, so in the Addison area I guess. I just spotted a "Fat Straw" as I drove in heart sang w/ joy!!! Is it good, do you know?

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        I'm not sure of any good pho places in your area though-- most of the authentic Vietnamese restaurants are in Garland. . .

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          If you only plan on having Vietnamese once while on your trip, I would suggest that you wait until you go to Houston. There are countless restaurants throughout Houston serving good Pho. In Dallas, you have to travel to some of the suburbs (Garland, Richardson, Irving) just to find a decent Vietnamese restauant.

          Most of the good Vietnamese restaurants in Houston are in Midtown (very close proximity to downtown). Van Loc (in Houston's midtown) has good pho. Pho Nga (on Milam in Midtown) is also very good. Mai's is always a good standby and is open late.

          For non-pho Vietnamese, you wouldn't go wrong with Cali Sandwich or Givral's -- also in Midtown.

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            I've usually stuck around Bellaire and I've never really headed to midtown, so, how do the places in each area compare? I'm sure the ones in midtown will be a lot cleaner, but what about price and authenticity?

    2. I'd honestly suggest resisting the craving for both pho and bubble tea until you go to Houston.
      But if really need the boba fix, then go to Fat Straws, it's location is pretty convenient to you and it's one of the better places around Dallas.

      If you can't handle the wait for pho:
      1. Head east to Garland, visit Bistro B.
      2. Or another option, Pho Que Hoang, which is pretty much everywhere. If you're not up for the drive, you shouldn't have a hard time finding one of these.

      Now about Houston, first, I suggest consulting this site before going anywhere:

      Anyway, for pho, check out Pho Dung. Don't let the name fool you, it's very good. Plus you gotta see the infamous bowl of dung sign! Here's a Houston Press review:

      I've been to so many places that I could go on and on listing them. Pho Nguyen, Pho Tau Bay, Pho Binh and Pho Cong Ly are a few others I'd suggest.

      And you know what, I don't think I've seen a discussion on boba/bubble tea in Houston! It's pretty simple though, head to the west side of Houston and cruise down Bellaire (Chinatown). Pho and bubble tea will be everywhere and there's so many new places that have opened up since I left for college, so I hope to hear about what I've missed out on!

      Boba: my personal favorite boba place is Suzhi Teahouse. I also like Dunobaby and Starsnow Ice. Once again, I can suggest many more... but most of them would be places -not- to go to, as a lot of the newer ones tend to be overpriced.

      My best advice: hit everything in one go by going to Hong Kong City Mall. Suzhi, Dunobaby, and Pho Dung are all there, and it's located on Wilcrest and Bellaire. Also, bring cash.

      1. Houston has a vast number of good, authentic Vietnamese restaurants that serve excellent Pho and other spots that do great Boba Tea. Others havea already mentioned Midtown and Downtown, and I agree that they have some great options including Mai's, Van Loc, and even the giant Kim Son at 45 and Jefferson has excellent Pho and should not be dismissed. Also in Midtown there is a Vietnamese grocery store on Travis called Hoa Binh Supermarket; there is a restaurant under that roof (not in the market but shares the same general building) that is a real dive but has fantastic Pho. A last option (and my favorite) that would not only get you some incredible Pho, but also get you some awesome Boba Tea are two personal favorites. The pho place is Les Givral (2704 Milam) and the boba tea place is Tropioca Tea and Coffee (2808 Milam.) They are both on Milam in Midtown, and are even right across the street from one another so after you have your Pho and you wanted som Boba Tea you just walk a few yards across the parking lot and you are at Tropioca! When I worked in Downtown that was a weekly routine, and now that I work out West I have found another decent pho place that just opened on Wilcrest and Westheimer called Pho One, but I have to travel further to Bellaire to get any good boba tea. Hope this all helps and good luck - luckily for you Houston has so many good options.

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          The whole Hoa Binh building has been closed down.. which was sad because that pho place was amazing.

        2. Fat Straws serves up a great original milk tea. Not a huge fan of their fruit smoothies/slushies since they're not made with real fruit.

          1. I agree with Tropioca Tea & Coffee Bar (Milam location) for boba in Houston. They have a very good original milk tea. They also have the baby tapioca which is semi-sweet which I prefer. The milk tea is not creamy like most places here in Dallas. For pho, just walk next door to Pho Saigon. Eventhough there are a handful of great pho establishments in Houston, this is one of the best places for pho that is close to drink boba afterwards. Most of the people at Pho Saigon are Asian unlike Mai's (in Midtown) which is not that authentic.

            Star Snow Ice is also very good on Bellaire in the Diho Square. Milk tea here is also very good but is more potent in flavor and caffeine, so be careful in drinking it fast. The original milk tea float is my favorite here (milk tea with vanilla ice cream). Man, Im craving it now. I wish I was down there.