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Apr 29, 2007 09:55 AM

Girlfriend lunches on the Main Line

What would you recommend for a pleasant birthday lunch somewhere on or near the Main Line?
(We already have done the Manayunk bit to death!)
Thanks. :-)

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  1. Pond, in Radnor
    333 Belrose, in Radnor
    Nectar, in Berwyn
    Blush, in Bryn Mawr
    Cafe Fresko, in Bryn Mawr (if you don't mind BYOB)
    Blackfish, in Conshohocken (also BYOB)

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    1. re: vicarious

      I have done all but Blackfish.
      I will give it a try and thanks.

      1. re: idia

        i'm always happy with ristorante primavera (there isn't a large lunch crowd, so the servers really dote on you) and thai pepper. i get the ravioli and spicy noodle, respectively, and highly recommend both! both on rte 30. just off rte 30, meredith's in berwyn is also a nice girls-lunch-out place.

        1. re: idia

          Then I would love your input (my list is more aspirational than actual--I don't "lunch" much). I'm taking a friend to lunch for her bday soon and was planning on Pond because it's so pretty. What's your lunch experience on the Main Line?

          1. re: vicarious

            LIke you, I "don't do lunch" either, but once a year a certain friend likes to do our birthdays. I am running out of places. I guess we will do Blackfish, though the atmosphere is surely not a plus.

            As for Pond -- it is very fancy, white tablecloths and all but I found, for the price, that it wasn't as good as Blush, even though it certainly is a very pretty atmosphere. If you haven't tried it though, it's got the birthday lunch written all over it.
            The area sorely lacks places with a bright, upscale NY sophisticated atmosphere with good food to match.
            The Waterworks has the looks but not too much else.
            Sola would fit the bill but it isn't open for lunch.
            I guess I am just an ol' fuss-budget!

            1. re: idia

              Spamps is another option in Conshy- near Blackfish- nice menu.
              If you're willing to travel a bit off the main line to downtown Phoenixville, I highly suggest Black Lab Bistro- perfect for this!

      2. Try SangKee in Wynnewood. Excellent food, moderate prices and they've just gotten their liquor license.