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Apr 29, 2007 09:31 AM

Goat cheese at the supermarket?? help

I never cook with goat cheese, but i'm making a mexican recipe today that calls for it (as part of a filling). how do i find something half-way decent at a supermarket?? any recos?

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  1. Look for Chevre, a mild soft goat cheese, usually in log shape. Some stores carry Queso Asadero which is a mexican melting cheese good for fillings but it is not made from goat's milk. Queso Cotija is a mexican crumbly goat cheese with has a sharp taste and does not melt very well and is used primarily to crumble on top of enchiladas. A mild feta cheese is an acceptable alternative to Chevre. If you are uneasy about goat cheese use montery jack or munster cheese (which is used most often here in the Southwest).

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      heidemarie, are you near a D'Agostino's? I've been pleasantly surprised at the cheeses I get there, this one in Rye Brook.

      Also, Morton Williams (formerly Turco's) still seems to make some happy and they have an extensive cheese selection.

      1. re: dolores

        The Super Stop & Shop in Port Chester has a fairly decent cheese section. There are a few varieties of goat cheese as well as some Mexican/Latin American soft to semi-soft cheeses.

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          just go to" ole reliable" trader joes- ask to taste it first- they will certainly let you taste anything! good luck!