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Apr 29, 2007 09:29 AM

lunch recs between SFO and Santa Clara


LA 'hound here; my flight plans got thrown a curve ball and I'll be flying into SFO this morning with my hotel in Santa Clara. Any lunch recs in between? I'm open for anything, especially something really off the beaten path, underrated fave, or a hidden gem. I'm a big fan of LA's diverse ethnic offerings, esp Viet, Thai and Oaxacan. Got my blackberry on me, so I'll be checking in for your suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. A recent shining star (judging from recent reports and chowdowns) is Everyday Beijing. I've never been, but am dying to go soon. Many recent posts, but since you're reading from a blackberry, here is a summary. Top fave dishes include fish dumplings, cumin lamb, zha jiang mian (noodles with black bean sauce or similarly named). Address is 637 South B Street in San Mateo. From 101 S, exit 3rd ave and turn left on B street and go 3 blocks.

    If you need recs for once you're in Santa Clara and want to explore the chow in the South Bay, let us know.

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      I'm staying at the Hilton on Great America. Any recs nearby?

      I stopped by Everyday Beijing and thought it was great. I tried all three of the suggestions you made, especially enjoying the noodles and the surprising cumin lamb. I had no idea either of those ingredients were present in Chinese cuisine, but apparently it is the case in the northwest. (And now I've got lots of leftovers.)

    2. What about mongolian bbq? Su's in Santa Clara (off El Camino Real) is a nice pick. They'll let you create your own sauce, whereas mongolian bbqs down in So Cal typically have pre-made sauces for you. It also comes with some standard Chinese buffet offerings so you can mix it up a bit.

      1. You're close to one of my fave pho houses, Pho Binh, on 1274 Persian Dr. in Sunnyvale. From your hotel go west on Tasman about 1 mile, turn right on Lawrence and take the first left onto Persian. It's tucked in a tiny strip mall on the right side. I like the meaty broth and tender rare beef. Their duck noodle soup is also yummy in a deeply satisfying way but the broth a bit one-dimensional and the egg noodles not as firm as I like.

        Also if you drive south on Great America Pkway for about 4 miles, you'll reach El Camino Real, like a Sepulveda Blvd filled with ethnic eats, with many great Korean choices. In order of distance to you:

        Corner Place, 2783 El Camino Real, immediately east of Bowers. Good bi bim bap.

        Yang Pyung Restaurant, but the sign above the door says Pho California. Same strip mall as Corner Place above. I haven't been, but there was discussion on this board of Korean made pho and maybe it's worth a try.

        Han Sung BBQ, 2644 El Camino Real, across the street from Corner Place, next to Hometown Buffet. Grill your own kalbi/bulgogi, the only place that uses charcoal.

        Tong Soon Garden, on 3240 El Camino Real (turn right on El Camino and go half mile and it'll be on the left side). Korean-Northern Chinese type restaurant. Excellent Liang Zang Pi (seafood salad with mung bean noodle sheets in mustard dressing), and zha jiang mian if you'd like to have it again to compare with Everyday Beijing.

        Palace BBQ, 1092 E. El Camino Real (turn right on El Camino and about 1 mile and it'll be on the left side, right after Lawrence Expy). All you can eat, grill at your table bbq. I like Han Sung better, but for pigging out Palace BBQ is better value.

        Also if you turn right on El Camino Real, half a block away on the right side is Real Ice Cream, 3077 El Camino Real. Lots of unique flavors you don't often see, and very fragrant flavors.

        Su's Mongolian BBQ (as alina recommends) is about 1.5 miles away after turning left onto El Camino Real, it'll be on the left side.

        I've also enjoyed Athena Grill, on 1505 Space Park Drive. Go south on Great America, and right after 101 turn left on Scott, go 2 blocks and turn left on Space Park drive, and it'll be on the left after 1 block. Great casual greek standbys and killer fries with the olive dip.

        Hope you have time to explore and please report back if you do!

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            I forgot to add "Korean BBQ Restaurant" (korean name is Silgojip), on 3258 El Camino Real, next door to Tong Soon Garden. Recent reports of excellent raw beef salad, past reports of good kalbi, pork bbq, goat, and jap chae.

          2. If you're interested in South Indian, two of the best are near you. Dasaprakash was Jonathan Gold's fave when it was in LA (it catered one of his going-away parties when he left for NYC).
            Dasaprakash: Cuisine of South India [South Bay]
            2636 Homestead Road
            Santa Clara 95051

            and Tirupathi Bhimas in Milpitas for Andhran.
            1208 S. Abel Street, Milpitas, CA 95035. | Telephone : 408- 945-1010
            (Near Great Mall Parkway, at the intersection of Main and Abel Street
            )It opened a branch in Artesia, and you'll find posts about it on the LA board.

            1. Here's my favorite South Indian joint : Annapoorna in San Mateo
              Don't miss the Aloo Bonda or the dosas. Both dishes are better than anywhere else I've been.

              I Claim This Aloo Bonda for Spain…er, India! – An Awesome Indian Snack at Annapoorna in San Mateo