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Apr 29, 2007 09:17 AM

Albany...what's good?

I'll be in Albany on business and I'd like to eat at a good place. I'm having trouble finding restaurants online...any suggestions?

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  1. There is a MAJOR post, dated April 27th, on the Albany area - check it out. I visit Albany on business once or twice a year and I try to make it to Saso's for sushi (I live in a sushiless area).

    1. This is a great place to start

      My personal favorites are Jack's Oyster House, Lombardo's and Cafe Cariccio

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        I hate, hate hate Cafe Capriccio. Inconsistent.
        There have been many posts on Albany restaurants, if you do a search. El Mariachi for Mexican. Nicole's Bistro, Jack's Oyster House are standards. Van's for informal decent Vietnamese. If you want to travel, Milano's has very good creative Italian kitchen. Mino has good sushi and Thai food.
        you didn't say what type of food you want. Yono's is highly repped, but haven't been since he moved.
        McGuire's is reputed as the best, though priciest.

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          I agree with this poster about all of his recommendations, including his recommendation of Karavelli in a reply below this one, except for his hatred of Capriccio, which I love. Consistently excellent.

          1. re: PSZaas

            I agree with PSZaas re Cafe Capriccio. I love it too thourgh my wife feels the menu is very limited. I tend to go with the "specials" of the day and the time we were there (this past winter), I had a truly enjoyable meal. The street parking is another story - not a comfort inspiring area.

      2. C.H. Evans Brewing Company
        Albany Pump Station
        19 Quackenbush Square, in beautiful downtown Albany, NY, across Broadway from the Palace theatre.
        (518) 447-9000

        When I was there just last week, they had a special three-course dinner menu for $17.86 (the price echos the original brewery's beginning) that one of my companions thoroughly enjoyed. The menu in general is a cut above the usual microbrewery fare.

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          I go there regularly and can attest to mcsheridan's good taste. Plus the inside is an interating and unique study in 19th century mechanical engineering

        2. has some good recs for local restaurants. I would highly recommend Saso's ( )for the best sushi in the area. Also, if you're downtown for business, check out Aashiana on central (right at the beginning) for a $2.50 falafel wrap.

 has some restaurant menus on there from Albany.

          Lark Tavern has some well done bar food, and the happy hour specials are great as well (


          If you're uptown, Via Fresca is a great place to stop for a lunch of paninis, salads and upscale deli fare.

          Stuyvesant Plaza holds Provence (french), Peaches cafe and Londonderry, as well as the more casual Bountiful Bread for lunch under $10.

          Let me know if you'd like any more websites for ideas in the area.