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Apr 29, 2007 09:16 AM

Hand Drawn Noodles

Where exactly did The Noodle Alcove go? I read whats been posted but never learned why they disaapeared. Is there any other place for hand drawn noodles?

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  1. Today would be perfect for those, right? I have no idea what happened to them, and we haven't found any other places in town to get hand drawn noodles. King Fung makes their own noodles, but they're not hand drawn and I think they're good for what they are, but not a substitute.

    1. If "hand-drawn" is the same as "knife-cut" or "home style" noodles, Beijing Star in Waltham does them. They're thick, irregular, chewy, and delicious. I usually get them in as part of a beef soup noodle dish. Hearty enough to last you all day long.

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        I think EATTV is looking for the kind that are actually pulled (not cut in noodle-like blocks). If you search youtube for noodle-pulling videos, you'll see some pretty awesome examples.

        1. re: Luther

          Those videos are awesome. I hope that someone knows a local place for this. Nice big bowl of noodles would really hit the spot tonight.

          1. re: kittychow

            Luther has it right. I learned about this place when working with Ming Tsai on his TV Show. A guy who worked in the front window of the second story alcove started out with a blob of dough then twisted and spun it like a giant pretzel over and over until he had about a million strands. The hand drawn noodles went right into a sort of pedestrian Chinese style noodle soup but reached glorious heights when stir fried with vegetables and a generous application of their own wok burned chili paste. This and an order of pea tendrils with the free world's supply of garlic, a chilly Tsing Tao and that my friends would indeed be perfect for this grey misty moisty day in the Hub.