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Apr 29, 2007 09:10 AM

Sunday Dining near Kimmel Center(Philadelphia)

Which restaurants are open on Sundays? I always have a problem finding a good one near the Academy of Music and Kimmel Center.

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  1. For a very quick and economical meal, I usually go to Passage to India for their buffet, and then Capirgiro afterwards for gelato. The gelato is perfect for cooling any spicy Indian that I am still tasting, and is really just perfect anyway.

    1. We used to love Ruth's Chris Streakhouse, but it's gone 'off' in the past couple of years - favorite waitstaff gone, just kinda lost the love and the luster. We used to feel it was a dining 'experience' - worth the money, and it evolved into just an expensive dinner.

      Now after the Opera on Sundays, we've enjoyed the Capital - SE corner of Broad and (I think) Sansom St. It's not cheap either, but we leave feeling it's been a dining experience. Make a reservation - it can be pretty busy, especially if there are a lot of events happening along Broad Street.

      Avoid Ludwig's Garten off Broad on Sansom at all costs. We are big fans of German food. There are only a handful of places in and around the city. Ludwig's appeared in the ghostly shadow of the Hoffmann House - one of those old-school dining establishments that sadly ended a very long run around a decade ago.

      We had high hopes for Ludwig's Garten but grew tired of poorly trained waitstaff and what appeared to be a different chef at the helm each visit. We even gave it a couple more chances after a horrible experience on a President's Day Sunday where they hadn't planned for a holiday surge in business and waited over an hour for our meal to be served. We were literally reaching for our coats to walk out when our dinner appeared.

      The coffin was shut for good when we were served tartare made from some cut of meat that should never be used for this specialty. Believe me, you don't want details...

      1. Don't know why, but this posting is in two places. There were at least 7 responses a few days ago - scroll down.


          Warsaw cafe is a favorite of mine. Very cozy, convenient to the Kimmel, the food is very good, and reasonably priced.