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Apr 29, 2007 08:42 AM

Stop between Batesville MS and Gulfport... (Jackson? Hattiesburg? Somewhere else?)

I'm heading out on a business trip this week... driving from Batesville, MS to Gulfport and back again. I'm thinking that I may have a few long days of work and driving, so I'd like to split the driving and stop 1/2-way - probably Hattiesburg or Jackson. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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  1. Leatha's or the Crescent City Grill in Hattiesburg; Bravo and Bon Ami in Jackson are both right off 55.

    1. The Purple Parrot Cafe in Hattiesburg. Nick's or Walker's Drive In in Jackson.

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        Thanks. Looks like I'll be staying in Jackson two nights. However, I'll probably stop for dinner at Leatha's in Hattiesburg on the way back. Now, guess I'll toss a coin for the other night....