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Apr 29, 2007 08:34 AM

Just another kickbutt visit to Rosemary's

Although this was the most difficult visit I can remember... between a new small plates carte and more than a half dozen new dishes on the regular menu, it was tough going arriving at a final selection.

My buddy Dave and I opted to sit at the bar when our 3rd bowed out. I ordered a round of Firestones (a pale ale that replaced Fat Tire on tap a while back) only to find it has been replaced by Big Daddy, an IPA from San Francisco. Very nice...crisp and hoppy up front with a nice dry finish.

After a few moments oohing, aahing and salivating over the new small plates offerings, we decided to start by splitting the Grafton Cheddar Plate and the Cheddar Hazelnut Quesadilla. The cheese plate consisted of 3 nice sized slices of pale yellow cheddar, each with its own sharpness and texture. It was sided with thinly sliced walnut toast and some deelish apple butter that had a strong curry presence to it. Rockin'!

Same can be said for the quesadilla, which I had eyed the first time I saw the small plates listing online. Drizzled was crema and sporting a mound of oven roasted tomato salsa in the center, it was thin and crispy and delicious. To quote Dave, "A quesadilla is not the kind of dish you remember, but I will never forget this one." Nuff said...

As soon as Dave indicated he was a scallops fan I pretty much insisted that he get the scallops/parsnip dish which is one of my very faves. It took some arm twisting, but he finally gave in, and was very glad he did.

I went with one more small plate, Roasted Golden Beets with Whipped Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts. I already knew Dave didn't like goat cheese, and when he proclaimed his disdain for beets as well I knew I would get this one all to myself, and I was very glad I did. A half dozen gorgeous golden discs of beetness were adorned with walnuts, drizzled with white balsamic syrup, with a swirled cloud of goat cheese in the center. YUM!

My entrée was totally knocked out, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, was one of the best I can remember of late. A new prosciutto-wrapped veal tenderloin preparation, this one was stuffed with wild mushrooms and served with a parmesan risotto and pea shoots on a bed of green pea coulis. The 3 veal filets were cooked exactly to order (a luscious medium rare) and the coulis made the entire dish taste totally of springtime.

Total damage for 2 very happy diners, about $150 including tax and tip. It cannot be said too many times, Rosemary's is hands down the best fine dining value in town, and they give places costing many more times the tariff a true run for their money.

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  1. prosciutto wrapped veal tenderloin stuffed with wild mushrooms !?!?!?! I gotta get back to Rosemary's...but so many other places left to try !!! thanks for the report ...we are not getting enough trip reports on the vegas places lately so thanks for sharing !!

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      hope this is helpful:
      we went twice last week, and received many a double take from the staff because we sat in the same seats both times. :)

      foie gras (this season, adorned with mango coulis, and topped with polenta, i believe) is always a must; usually we order it with a glass of riesling. the second time, on our server's recommendation, we paired it with lindeman's peche (peach), which is a lambic beer. EXCELLENT choice.

      both dinners we were given a second amuse bouche, cheddar grits with sauteed mushrooms and apple cider sauce (beurre blanc?). i really would be perfectly happy just eating a plateful of this. i tried both the scallops appetizer (on a bed of handmade pasta) and scallop entree (on parsnip puree with ). the scallop entree looks as though it is a regular on the menu; but the scallops appetizer may have been a seasonal variation of what is currently posted online. both the appetizer and entree had perfectly browned salted crusts.

      other entrees we had were jason's t-bone (special entree for the night--a GIGANTIC cut, and really a shame that we could not finish it--see below), veal tenderloin, and the flat iron steak. desserts were a sorbet assortment (mango/coconut/a third flavor which escapes me), creme brulee, goat cheese cheesecake with a tart blackberry coulis, and coconut bread pudding (paired with a light coconut sorbet and drizzled with chocolate sauce). the server brings your check with a plate of three bite-size desserts: a cocoa dusted truffle, a lemon square, and a peanut butter ball--the winner with crunchy bits of rice krispie rolled in. the double espresso was one of the best we've had outside of italy.

      sadly enough, we ordered incorrectly our first dinner; opting for two appetizers and an entree. by the time we got through the two amuses and two appetizers, we were full, and struggled to even make a dent in the entrees. it was very painful to leave the beautiful t-bone on the plate... the second dinner, we did an appetizer, entree, and dessert, and were not as uncomfortably stuffed as the first meal. (and when i say uncomfortable, i mean, pitifully tight waistlines!) service was incredibly friendly and helpful. we love coming here every time we're in vegas, and were happy that we could come twice during this stay.

      any idea of whether rosemary's still has an official sommelier, btw? not that we're picky about having a sommelier--both times, our servers helped guide our wine selections. i think one of the servers is even planning to take the sommelier exam in the fall.

      1. re: cervisiam

        Last trip I was out there, I popped in two nights in a row and sat at the bar eating mainly appetizers.

        Both nights I had the Foie among the other dishes. First night I tried it with the Royal Tokay and the second night with the Icewine. Both recomended by the servers. Both were really good with a slight nod from me towards the Icewine. But I preferred both over a sauterne which is the only way I had ever tried before. I'm a wine idiot and even I could tell the differences.

        The service there is always great and I love being able to pop in the bar and eat 2 or 3 apps then go.

      2. re: kjs

        Mine was a special, the regular menu version is done on a bed of French lentils in a mustard sauce. I like the special much better.

        I'm sure there are fine meals to be had in the casinos, but they don't need the business, and arguably your still looking at a crap shoot as far as service and overall food quality at most places, given the various reviews around here and elsewhere.

        The Jordans are deserving of the support, and given how tough the business is, I'll do everything I can to make sure they remain in business. And if Chef Michael keeps cranking out new dishes like the recent batch, there will be plenty of reasons to go back plenty of times.

      3. Is this the same eatery that has the ubiquitous ads of the smiling, but formal looking, tux wearing fellow holding the 138-lb red lobster?

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