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Apr 29, 2007 08:26 AM

New in rockville centre?

Recently, there have been several reviews in Newsday and TheTimes about new spots in Rockville Centre. One is Aqua. Has anyone been there? Thoughts? Any other recommendations in the area?


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  1. I have passed by Aqua but have yet to give it a try. looks very trendy. I did try Cannon's Blackthorn tonight which is on N Village Ave in Rockville Centre. I have to say they have a wonderful Shepards pie. YUM. very filling. was just the perfect pie. Very nice Irish pub. The only negative I have is that the bartender couldn't pour a proper black and tan. If you dont know what that is than it wont make a difference anyway.

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      My Wife and I went to Cannon's Blackthorn. We had a great time. The food was great. We started with the "P.E.I Mussels" (Mussels Oregenata), they were very tasty. We both ordered the "Six Hour Braised Lamb Shank", it was great. It was so tender that the meat fell off of the bone. YUUUUM. The outside bar is nice and the atmosphere is fun. We are planning on going back soon.

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        I ate dinner at Cannon's for the 4th time last night, actually my first time there in about 11 months when my parents threw my rehearsal dinner there for my wedding last year. We arrived at about 6:00 and left at about 7:00pm. When we got there it was basically empty, maybe 2 tables taken, we thought maybe we were just on the early side. By the time we left there was only 1 table occupied.

        Can people please start trying this place. The food is fantastic. We had the grilled asparagus appetizer wrapped with Irish Ham and with a cheese and sitting in some sort of red pepper sauce.(it was just fantastic). I had the 6 hour lamb shank mentioned above and Dereklaw above described it perfectly. My wife had the there other version of Shepards pie made with Cod and it was very good. Every time i have been there the food has been fantastic. The chef is very good. Unfortunately they were out of the corned beef and cabbage egg rolls which we were looking forward to having again.

        This is probably the nicest Irish Pub on Long Island(no i havn't been to them all). It is very nice inside, and food is great. I don't understand why the place is empty during a Saturday night dinner. The food is high quality, and always seems very fresh. I assume they must be doing very good at the bar late night to be able to keep the business open. There rent can't be cheap, it is a large place and its in RVC. The place can be a little expensive for an Irish Pub if you order off their "exotic" type entrees section, but their sandwiches and the traditional Irish fare section of the menu(this part is technically not on the menu but is on the sign holder that is on all the tables) is very reasonable. Please give it a chance, i don't want to see such a perfect place close. As a foodie, and someone who loves a good pub, i think this place is a perfect match for that and if i could own a pub(my lifetime goal that will probably never happen) this place would pretty much be how I would want it. I would come here more often, but I live in Oyster Bay, so its not on my radar for a normal night out in my part of Nassau.