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Apr 29, 2007 08:06 AM

All Seasons Table in Malden

My man and I swung by last evening to see if they had opened yet, and indeed they had! We were not anticipating a night out, but decided to give it a try - we've been looking forward to having a local sushi option for some time, and curiosity got the best of us.

We sat at the sushi bar, which is at the far end of the main bar area. The decor was surprisingly polished and fairly unique - especially for aesthetically challenged Malden - natural materials like cactus or driftwood are displayed in niches like artwork, there are linen panels hanging from the ceiling which soften the modern look, and the lighting is fairly bright, without being harsh. Not bad. Only complaint on that front is the two huge flat panel tv's flanking the bar. Wierd at best. And the unit at our end was showing "Cops" - I don't enjoy seeing junkies forcably taken down while enjoying my, not so much. In contrast, they had a small band playing bossanova which was GREAT. Very classy and they were quite good.

Anyway, on to the food. The menu is really extensive, covering japanese, chinese, malaysian, thai and vietnamese, often in fusion style. We started with nigiri and were not disappointed. The portions of fish were generous, the quality was high, and the presentation was top notch. Pricing was around $4.75 per two piece order. We then had a specialty maki - I can't remember what was in it, but it was absolutely delicious. Again, the portion was generous, artfully presented, priced at around $12. We also shared a thai inspired basil-chile-duck dish for our main and it, too, was tasty. A litle spicy, a little sweet, and the basil really accented the dish with fresh flavor. The duck was cooked in its skin, which ended up a bit slimy, but I merely pulled it off and ate the meat so no worries. It was accompanied by very fragrant jasmine rice. I think this was priced around $16. We finished with fried green tea ice cream, which was better than usual. The ice cream was encased in a cakelike batter before being fried, and it was topped with red bean sauce and whipped cream, served in a martini glass. Very tasty.

In all, I am very excited to have this place in town. We will definitely return for the sushi and lovely dining room, and the music on Fridays and Saturdays will definitely lure us in whether we are hungry or not. In all, I think All Seasons Table is a classy addition to a town that wants to be "up and coming". Dig it!

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    1. re: Chris VR

      it's on pleasant street, on the left, just past hugh o'neill's

    2. Stopped by for lunch today with my fiance. Definitely a promising place for the neighborhood. Much better than Fu Loon, anyway!

      She had some spicy tuna maki and a spider roll...I had two pieces of the spider roll, which was fantastic.

      I was feeling like chinese american food, for some and sour soup, crab rangoon, and general gau's. I know, i know....I was going to order a house special thai beef thing, but caved in to the gloppy pull of the bad szechuan food. hey, at least I didn't order egg foo young. Anyway....all of it was great. I asked for the chicken extra extra spicy, and they not only made it spicy, they brought me over a dish of chili paste "in case it is not spicy enough." Ha. Rangoons were above average. Hot and sour soup potent and satisfying.

      I definitely didn't do justice to the menu today, but I'm looking forward to going back soon.

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      1. re: tamerlanenj

        I was supposed to go there last night, but my allergies were killing me, so will have to try another time. Love that there are choices that include chinese american- as sometimes I will be with DC's who prefer that. I LOVED egg foo yung when I was a kid- and only had it at a little take out place in Melrose- now long gone. SInce then I have been in search of good egg foo yung- and have never found it. Would be interested to try it out ( as you say, I know, I know)

      2. Malden is coming around. Will be another Somerville someday. Anyway, also you have to go to Tivoli's on Exchange Street - open for dinner only. Husband/wife team running a tiny and adorable place serving scrumptious food. It has been there for many many years.

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        1. re: taxi

          Love Tivoli's. The scallop dish with a cream sauce- I think it may be a tarragon cream sauce, served over pasta is so good.

          1. re: macca

            I work in Malden and have to say that it's great to have another polished place to entertain clients when they're in town. My one criticism is that the service at All Season's Table can be a bit dodgy. They've consistently brought colleagues either the wrong order, or they've come back when the rest of the table's food was being delivered to let one person know that they were out of his/her order. Beyond that, I have nothing but good things to say about the sushi. Their Idaho roll is excellent.

        2. I walk by there nightly...after a hard day's night at the office, it's hard not to pop in for a Lady in red roll and a glass of 14 hands.
          As well, the Exchange Street (owned by the guy who used to run 29 Newbury) is a great place to have weds. night dinner at the bar!