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Apr 29, 2007 07:43 AM

Los Gemelos in Port Chester

DH & I went to Los Gemelos on Fri 4/27 for dinner. The food was great. Yummy carnitas tacos and he had a burrito as big as his head. The dining room wasn't that busy and the service was absolutely terrible. Is this something I should expect? The food was very good, but I can't see how it should take 25-30 min. to receive 3 carnitas tacos & a burrito...
I think for a quick lunch it's Las Brisas & for a leisurely dinner w/o the kids it's Los Gemelos.

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  1. My experiences there with service is that it does take a bit of time and patience. The servers are always very accommodating and genial but whether it's them or the kitchen, I don't know. It's slow.

    1. yeah, los gemelos is for the food, not the service. Though, they are friendly, it just takes too long.

      For what it's worth, they do love kids there too...

      I've tried las brisas a bunch of times but just can't find much there that I like much (except for the quick service). Any recommendations? I know the big dog (Jim Leff) recommended once the black beans there. I confess I haven't tried them, but I can't get past the average tacos. Ideas?

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        My favorite thing @ las brisas is their carnitas...I love it when it is nearly burnt and really crispy & browned on the edges & still relatively moist. I generally order a tostada which is under $3 (I believe) & piled w/pintos, the usual lettuce/tomato, the yummy carnitas, a dollop of crema & guac w/ a radish garnish. I usually drizzle some of their picante over the top after every 2 or 3 mouthfuls. Their guac is pretty good, too. Haven't sampled los gemelos' yet, though. I'm not a fan of the chicken used in the burros or tacos @ las brisas. Tastes like it stewed a bit too long. Has a flavor I'm just not fond of, but it's probably just me. Their corn tortillas are packaged, from where I don't know. I was 'adventurous' a few years ago and tried the lengua @ LB. It was surprisingly good. I grew up on my Jewish grandmother's boiled beef tongue...and not surprisingly, this was a lot more flavorful.

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          This is an old thread, l know, but: l used to live in Port Chester in the early 90s, after graduating from SUNY Purchase. Las Brisas was always my favorite Mexican, solely for the completely fantastic chilaquiles. l've gone back a couple of times in the past five years: if the mom is working in the kitchen, they're still excellent. Order them crispy; l prefer the red, but l remember the green being good as well.