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Apr 29, 2007 05:52 AM

Sydney near Rocks area

I'll be visiting Sydney soon and was looking for some restaurants near the Marriott....within a short walking distance. Looking for casual Australian ethnic food. Thanks

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  1. You'd maybe need to be more specific on what "ethnic" food you don't like -- Sydney has a great range of tasty food derived from many regions of the world.

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    1. re: cankles

      It's not that I don't like ethnic foods, I just wanted to try things that were more local / "native" fare. Didn't want chinese, indian, italian, spanish, japanese, korean...

      1. re: minto

        I think you need to do your homework about Sydney, which is one of the most multiethnic cities in the world. The ordinary person in Sydney eats just about every Asian cuisine. I don't think Australia has any other "native" cuisine worth eating, frankly. I guess if you wanted to eat what an old, white, unadventurous Aussie would eat, you'll be stuck with fish and chips or meat pies.

        1. re: free101girl

          What's wrong with a good meat pie?

          Minto, I'd suggest going down to Doyles near your hotel. It's got a nice view of the harbour and seafood is good. Besides that I can't think of much else off the top of my head. Most of the really good restaurants are derived from the cuisines you don't want to eat...