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Apr 29, 2007 01:44 AM

San Diego wings, update a year later

See my post last year:

Liars Club in Mission Beach and Aussie's Pub in Pacific Beach were modestly recommended last year.

Any newcomers 'round here that have raised the bar?

As one respondent stated, I am a wings purist. My wife says I'm a wings snob, but I think that is an oxymoron. There's nothing high brow about wings to be snobby about. But there IS a big difference between Buffalo wings done right (do a chowhound search to find any one of my many sermons on this topic) and just another sports bar wing.

P.S. My wife delivered a beautiful baby girl who is now 7 months old. Her wings craving ended after second trimester and was replaced with gestational diabetes (sheer torture for a gluttonous chowhound couple). Plus I'm in this contest at work to lose body fat percentage. It's put a damper on my enthusiasm for wings, hence fewer recent reviews on the topic. But don't worry...
I will never stop trying to find the perfect wing...

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  1. congrats on the baby girl!

    I recently moved to SD and also crave great buffalo style wings. know of anything in north county?

    the best wings i've had on the west coast is Fire on the Mountain in Portland. The raz habanero and chipolte orange wings are crazy good. loved that place.

    EDIT: Sorry Mods, that my post is not 100% Cal...just had to recommend FOTM.

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      I am absolutely no expert on "authentic" wings, but we LOVE the wings at San Marcos Brewery on San Marcos' Restaurant Row. Nothing else on the menu is of interest, but we head over there frequently for the wings.

      1. re: maestra

        Thanks...I'll have to try them out.