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Apr 28, 2007 08:56 PM

Best way to use up sweetened condensed milk and coconut cream?

Also, how long should they keep in the fridge now that I've opened the cans? By the way, half of one, half the other and dark rum to taste makes a gorgeous dessert sauce.

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  1. What popped into my mind, was if you like that recipe, make it again and freeze it?


    1. How about eating them by the spoonful, straight from the tin? That's what I do... :)

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      1. re: crowbar

        Ok, a little bit more seriously... coconut fudge? Maybe check out the Eagle Brand website for recipes?

        1. re: crowbar

          That's been my initial approach.

          I usually don't eat very-sweet things. After a couple spoonfuls of the sweetened condensed milk I actually ventured to the liquor cabinet for a shot of vile, bitter Ferne Branca just to quell the 4-year-old's-Saturday-morning-sweetened-cereal type of sugar (probably corn syrup) rush.

        2. I like using condensed milk in my tea and coffee. The condensed milk will be ok for about a week or more once opened. I've never had leftover coconut milk so I can help you there.

            1. re: blue room

              An attempt at Tres Leches Pecan Shortcakes With Dried Fruit Compote is actually why I have the leftovers. But you're right. Maybe I'll just see what else tres leches I can make. (This had some great elements to it. I'd try it again with fresh fruit and some lighter puffy creamy sauce underneath the still-really-good heavy SCD and CC sauce.