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Apr 28, 2007 08:17 PM

Luso Mercado

It was a short visit - I would have liked to linger at this cute Portuguese store.

A good selection of ports and madeiras, darling bread baskets, merengue cookies, flan mixes, bacalhau (salt cod), linguisas, jarred pickled peppers, olive oils...

It's not too far from Berkeley, really. I will definitely return.
A few more pictures here.

15100 E 14th St
San Leandro

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  1. Thanks. This place has been under my radar.

    1. This linguisa (linguica de casa) is a firm sausage, made with pork, wine, vinegar, salt, garlic, chili pepper, paprika, allspice. Cooking suggestions are to chop and fry with eggs, use in spaghetti or in chili con carne.

      Licor Beirao (written on the bottle,) "This well known delightful liqueur is produced in the mountains of Lousan. It is prepared from a double distillation of a few special sweet herbs and seeds according to a secret formula." A secret formula - intriguing.
      (I can't remember the price right now.)

      Justino's madeira (aged in oak casks for 3 years) is nicely affordable ($8+), makes a good cooking wine, aperitif or after dinner drink.

      Should have bought some of their pretty meringue cookies decorated with silver dragees, too. They would be good right about now.

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        When one goes to Luso Mercardo, before you start shopping, be sure to have the Ga~lo (milky coffee at the counter) and hang out with the older Portuguese gentleman who are there catching up on gossip. Go ahead and have a pastry while your there too.

        I posted this question before but thought I'd try again. I got BROA, the Portuguese corn bread at Luso Mercado with my Portuguese buddies. Along with sardines, pasteis de nata, fish croquettes, Yum! Have you or any other CHers found Broa at any other location besides this one in San Leandro? I really love this bread!

        1. re: boomer13

          You asked for SF. On some days of the week, Hiser Bakery, in Hayward has it as do the three Portuguese bakeries on Alum Rock in San Jose. However, at none of the bakeries is it a regular item.