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Apr 28, 2007 07:57 PM

East Village dim sum in San Leandro

I felt bad for the nice people at this restaurant.

Attentive service (they refilled the teapot twice when it wasn't even empty, and replaced the plates promptly after sticky rice in lotus leaf was done.)

They have a live fish tank.
The food comes in carts and on platters.

The only problem at this restaurant would be turnover. It was practically empty at half past eleven, and only a third full at noon. I was thinking the selection was pretty limited when the cart came around for the second time with the same stuff. So I resigned prematurely and filled up on siu mai, har gow, lo mai gai, shrimp cheong fun. The skin was generally a bit mushy, and the shrimp ever so slightly overcooked, but they were more than passable. (For some reason, dim sum shrimp has never caused me any allergy problems... yay...)

Then wait, I actually changed my mind about their limited selections. I was almost full when more variety kept showing up - platefuls of little red octopus, fung jau, and bak wun fung jau a little later, pork blood cubes, Chinese broccoli, fritters of all sorts, taro cakes, eggplants and stuffed mushrooms, peppers... Not that I'd have chosen many of these, but it made me wonder what would be coming out next.

Then the dan tat. It was delicious. It was actually one of the best egg custards I've had. One of the three had a slightly undercooked crust, but I didn't really mind it. Good size, the custard itself was light, not overly sweet, pleasant texture, yummy. Encouraged by this, I picked another dessert, (don't know the name of this - see the picture below) a flat mochi filled with bright yellow eggy pastry cream. I liked it a lot. I couldn't resist holding the earlobe-pliant doughy cake and stretching it a little just for fun.

I think this restaurant deserves to be visited by more people. Then the carts will come around more frequently, and the food might be even better.

Oh, and the bill came to $21.65 plus tip for 7 dishes.

14736 E 14th St
San Leandro

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  1. Also didn't get to try -
    (transparent) fried chive dumplings, spare ribs in black bean sauce, cha siu bau, beef balls, sesame balls...

    1. I took your suggestion and tried it on Saturday. I got there at noon and it was full, but not out-the-doors crowded like dim sum places can be.
      The items were all very fresh, particularly the shrimp items like shar fan or har gow.

      Also on your suggestion I got the flat mochi thing. Only this time it was full of sweet black sesame paste. Very good.

      Thanks for the recommendations.

      1. Until the photos come back -
        Here's the photo link.

        I went back for dinner after boating on Lake Chabot. Their preserved/salted fish fried rice (can't recall the exact name at the moment) came with exceptionally flavorful wok hay, light and ungreasy, and the crunchy shredded lettuce balanced the saltiness wonderfully. I may upload some pictures when photo upload returns.

        1. I have had dim sum there and the only thing i really liked there was the steamed custard buns. But the best dim sum i have had is at The Oriental Tea House 604 Macarthur Blvd
          San Leandro, CA. I have never really had anything bad ther, but their custard buns are a bit dry.