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Apr 28, 2007 07:53 PM

Teaneck's Mexican Place

Have any yiddishe-chowhounds been to the new Mexican in Teaneck? Geshmak or not? Please share your experience and post a link to their website if they have one. Thanks so much!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I live in Teaneck and haven't seen or heard anything about a Mexican place. Might you have heard about Smokey Joe's (they serve some Tex-Mex style stuff) and gotten confused? Maybe I am missing something....

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      1. re: teachermom

        read this awesome blog on Smokey Joes.
        I can't wait to try it out after hating Dougie's,
        and I simply LOVE Mexican food.

        1. re: Joe Berger

          There is indeed a kosher Mexican place in Teaneck...I think it is on West Englewood?

          1. re: Adeenabs

            where is it....located and what is it called

      2. Smokey Joe's is terrific! My wife and I ate there and we loved it. Very unusual for a kosher place, for several reasons. A couple of them: The food was not the standard fare -- you definitely couldn't make it yourself at home. And, even more amazing, the service was great: the waiters and waitresses were polite and helpful, an unusual phenomenon in many kosher restaurants.

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        1. re: rabbi c

          I agree that the food is not standard, and I agree that the service is good. But if you really wished to learn how, you could definitely make the same types of food at home. While I have an offset smoker, I have friends who do the same thing on a Weber. All it takes is the desire to do it, a bit of reading to learn how, time for the smoking to occur (which for brisket could be 15 or more hours, but certainly will be at least 8 hours) and maybe a few times of less competently made bbq before practice makes perfect. But lots of people do it at home, without too specialized equipment. And the advantage is that it can be made to your personal taste.

          1. re: ganeden

            "All it takes" is 8-15 hours, huh?

            Sounds like they won't lose too much business from people deciding to do it themselves.

            1. re: Shaldag


              I didn't say it would lose business to the few, the proud, who do their own Q. I simply didn't agree with Rabbi C's statement,"you definitely couldn't make it yourself at home." On the contrary, you definitely could make it yourself at home. Whether you would want to do so is a different question altogether. And I would imagine that even a few confirmed BBQ chefs will be pleased to eat at SJ's. After all, chefs like to eat out too.