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Apr 28, 2007 07:33 PM

Need following foods in the SF valley

Looking for the following foods:
Israeli style Falafel
Chinese restaurant with oysters on the menu
Best Sweetbreads (not Cafe Bizou)
Good, spicy Portuguese Linguica


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  1. Rob, Falafel Express is a small / take-out place at corner of Reseda and Burbank in Tarzana. It's kosher so closed sunset Fri. and Sat. Food is very good

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    1. re: hounddog

      I discoverd Falafel express a couple of months ago when bro was in the hospital across the street. We've been six or seven times since. This is the best falafel I've had during my year-long attempt to find falafel like I used to get at Me & Me in Westwood a million or so years ago.

    2. I think Micheline's Pita Pockets on Reseda and Nordhoff in Northridge has Israeli style falafel. Their bread (made on site) is quite good.

      Pita Pocket
      9127 Reseda Blvd
      Northridge, CA 91324

      1. Amir's Falafel on Ventura and Colfax in Studio City.

        I have no idea if there's a Chinese place -- see my reply in the "quality Chinese" post -- but I know that Regent Cafe in Alhambra has, or had, oysters Rockefeller on the menu.

        I don't like sweetbreads, so I can't really help you there. If mollejas count, they're available at Lala's in Studio City. Can't speak for the quality.

        Are you looking for a place to buy linguiƧa, or a place to have it served to you? If the former, you can buy it in the 99 Ranch in Van Nuys. Yes, it's a Chinese market and yes, they have linguiƧa. Also I believe that they sell it at Schreiner's in north Glendale, but you should call before schlepping up there.

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          The only recommendation I can give you is for the falafel. On Woodman and Ventura, in a shopping center with Q-t's Chicago Hot Dogs, there's a place called Carnival. Its Lebanese/Mediterranean, and I just love love their falafel, their menu is big and also very good. The hummus is some of the best I have had.

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            Note, though, that while the falafel are excellent, they are not Israeli-style.

          2. re: Das Ubergeek

            Is the Amir's in Studio City related to the one in Encino (Ventura at Louise in the CVS center)? I think Amir's is Israeli-style falafel.

            A&W Seafood in Northridge (Reseda at Prarie) has oysters. For Chinese seafood, it is probably the best option in the Valley. They have oysters in black bean sauce, with ginger and onion, and a few other preparations.

            I can't help you with sweetbreads. I like Bizou's. I think they have been specials at Pinot Bistro, which, while not as good as it one was, still turns out some good items.

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              I don't know if they're related -- I only go to Encino when I need sfogliatelle, and not at all now that I live in OC.

          3. I don't even know the difference between Israeli style falafel and other style(s) and I don't like falafel in general, but today I drove by Pita Kitchen on Van Nuys Blvd. next to the newsstand south of Ventura Blvd. and besides the line out the door I noticed Hebrew on the awning. Just a thought, have no idea if I'm right.

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            1. re: Debbie W

              I ate at Pita Kitchen once and liked it very much, but I didn't have their falafel. They've got good hummus.

            2. Pita Pocket in Northridge (Reseda and Devonshire, next to Vons on the northwest corner) is owned and operated by a very nice Israeli family and serves Israeli falafel, complete with laffa made while you wait.

              Linguica can be had at Vallarta Markets - I've seen it at the Roscoe/Owensmouth location.