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Apr 28, 2007 05:35 PM

Flavor (dfw)

French/asian place on skillman just north of 635. They have lamb, sea bass, salmon, steak, ahd traditional asian dishes like pad thai and sushi. Amazing food, great presentation, very reasonable prices. Thry also have a dessert bar.

My girlfriend who loves seafood adores the sea bass, and the lobster and shrimp in red curry. I usually get the lamb or steak in a light reduction. We have been there 5-6 times and everytime and every dish we have tried has been very good to superb.

The menu:

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  1. Tried it tonight. The waitress was very friendly and eager to guide us through the menu. We started with the tamarind-bbq ribs appetizer-- flavorful, though not particularly tender or moist. My friend had the drunken noodles with chicken, which she pronounced to be ok. She ultimately picked out all the flat noodles and left most of the vegetables. I initially ordered the eel roll (fine) and salmon sashimi, but the waitress returned, apologizing that they were out of salmon, which seemed odd for a restaurant that emphasizes sushi. I opted intead for the tuna tower, which was a tower of chopped tuna, crab, avocado, rice, caviar, and wasabi sauce; immediately upon presentation the waitress thoroughly mashed it all together into a creamy, slightly spicy paste. It was the highlight of the meal. All in all, I liked the restaurant fine, though for the same money and category, I'll probably stick with Asian Mint.

    1. We ate there last night. Quite a find! The menu contains Japanese, Thai, Malaysia, and India inspired dished. As ssh said above, everything is beautifully presented.

      The sushi menu is small, only 8 varieties fish are available for sushi. We ordered the yellowtail. It was very fresh and possibly the thickest slices of sashimi I've ever had.

      The roll list is also a bit small and is a bit too heavy on fried/mayo/cream cheese items, but we had a person at our table who didn't eat raw fish, so this turned out perfectly for them. The rolls were well made and beautifully presented, but were probably a bit on the small size.

      We ordered the tuna tower which was amazing. It's EXACTLY like the one at Blue fish (3 different colored tobiko, wasabi cream sauce), but better.

      We also ordered their cucumber roll which was one of my favorites of the evening. It came with a cilantro peanut sauce that was really different and tasty.

      The only dish we weren't crazy about was baby bok choy with shiitake mushrooms. It had a very sweet tamarind chutney on top which just didn't work for us.

      Desserts were much better than expected. Chocolate mousse was rich and covered with a hard chocolate shell. Fried banana rolls were also good and I think exactly like the ones served at Tom Tom Noodle house. Raspberry mousse was my least favorite, but it was light and refreshing. Sticky rice was not the best I've ever had, but the perfectly ripe mango on top made it better than most.

      The decor is nice, but with hard surfaces everywhere, this place is LOUD. The place was packed and they appeared not to be prepared for such a large crowd that night. Everything we ordered took quire a while, but since you can BYOB, we didn't care too much.

      Overall great food - good value. Four appetizers, four rolls, one side dish, one order sashimi, four desserts and all the sake and plum wine we could handle for $100. Not bad for four people!