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Apr 28, 2007 04:22 PM

Mother's Day Brunch - Laguna Woods area

Any suggestions? Doesn't need to be a buffet. I'd like to find some place interesting but with easy-ish access as my mom has a hard time with too many stairs.

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  1. OK, I'm going to give up one of my secrets here:

    Manhattan Deli Bar & Grill
    Address: 25211 Paseo De Alicia, Laguna Hills, CA 92653
    Phone: (949) 472-2266

    Right at Alicia and the 5. Formerly known as PJ Bernsteins. Has an all you can eat kosher style buffet on both Mothers and Fathers day and is probably $24. I easily get my money's worth in lox and white fish alone. There, I feel better already having unburdened myself. ;>)

    ps: Very easy access.

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    1. re: JAB

      That sounds awesome JAB..thanks so much!

      1. re: Sugar Jones

        You're very welcome. I'll see you there.

        1. re: JAB

          I just made a reservation and it's $26, btw. Sounds like a deal compared to the $65 I spent 6 or 7 years ago for the pleasure of sitting inches away from the next table at the Ritz Carlton.

          1. re: Sugar Jones

            I appologize for having made this recommendation. I coldn't have been more disappointed today after having enjoyed many a Mother's Day & Father's Day brunch here. No open faced corned beef rubens, no pastrami at the carving station, no white fish and no tuna salad (that's my wife's favorite). I don't know if they're cheaping out or goyifying the menu but, it's my last visit.

            1. re: JAB

              Actually JAB, no apologies necessary. We don't need all that stuff anyway. Neither of us are huge eaters, so what they had was perfect. The quality was better than the Salt Creek Grille (last year's mother's day) even though the selection was more limited. It was certainly enough for us. And the price was less than 1/2 of I spent a couple of years ago (Ritz Carlton) for the honor of being 5 inches from the next table and frankly, mediocre food. I enjoyed the food, it was easy for my mom, and we were quite comfortable. Thanks!

              1. re: JAB

                Beyond the special brunch offering, how would you compare them to say Benjie's or even Jerry's?

                Do you happen to know if Manhattan is still under the original Bernstein's ownership? We used to go there often, when we lived in Mission Viejo, until we moved farther South and found the Harbor Deli in Dana Point. Harbor's deli sandwiches and soups were better, we thought, but they didn't have the range of other items Bernstein's had. Now Harbor Deli has gone through a number of owner changes and they are (oddly) Deli-by-day and Italian-by-night. I only have one day each week I can get there for lunch, so we're looking again.

                1. re: Midlife

                  I'm sorry, I can't compare it to Benjie's or Jerry's as I haven't been to either but, it's definately still under the same ownership.

                  1. re: Midlife

                    We were looking forward to the usual wonderful pastrami, rye bread etc. the other night so went to the Harbor Deli. We were shocked when we were seated and received an Italian food menu. We missed the deli food but the Italian actually was pretty good. Now we know to go in the daytime to the Harbor Deli, one of the gems of South O. C.

                    1. re: jsl

                      I wish I could say I thought the Italian was pretty good. I can't. Maybe it was what we ordered.