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Apr 28, 2007 04:17 PM


Anyone ever been to Crispo? Thoughts? Food? Atmosphere?

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  1. A lot of hounds have, so you may want to do a search. It's one of my favorite Italian restaurants in town. Pastas are great, but so are some of the meat dishes I've tried. Atmosphere is bustling, but still sort of cozy (despite the size) and romantic.

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    1. re: Lucia

      Food is still ok. Not as good as Lupa. But, it's crazy noisy when I went on a Saturday night last month.

        1. re: nyufoodie

          definitely better than Lupa in terms of food, atmosphere and service. The one and only time I went to Lupa, I did not like the food, music was blasting, service was horrible and tables were very cramped. Crispo I have been to many times and enjoy the food very much. Service is fine and music is at a normal decibel so that you can actually have a conversation.

          1. re: G3B

            Thanks for all the quick replies. Do they have outdoor seating?

              1. re: RGR

                Yes, I did visit the website. I guess my question is: Is the carriage house or outside garden a nicer place to dine in than the indoor dining room?

                thanks again

                1. re: ld2186

                  absolutely nicer in the outdoor back patio than inside. its been covered over for the winter so that its still possible to dine out there but it'll probably uncover soon (if not already) for warm weather.

                  the back patio is just amazingly cute.

                  and on the lupa vs cripso thing..I also give my vote to crispo. dont miss the carbonara. or the cauliflower with pine nuts and proscuitto.

            1. re: G3B

              crispo is good but to say its better then lupa is a stretch as crispo serves very traditional southern style italian food that is very different from lupa. in general, i'd say crispo, while a good neighborhood spot is quite ordinary compared to lupa.

              1. re: josh L

                Maybe it's a hard comparison but I've always left happier from Crispo than from Lupa -- quality, portion size, atmosphere. True lupa might be a little more creative but I'd still visit Crispo over Lupa if given the choice.

                1. re: Nehna

                  I absolutely concur!! Went to Lupa once and will never return again.

        2. I went last night with some friends actually and loved it. We sat in the "carriage room" (I think that's what it's called). Thought these were the best items at our table: artichoke salad, hanger steak was awesome (and $19.50), chicken marsala--we substituted chicken for the veal. The spaghetti pomodoro was also delicious. We ordered the ricotta and truffle oil and I wasn't a huge fan... the mozzarella frita was better. Overall, loved it though and will definitely go back!

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          1. re: jrazzle

            thanks for all the great responses - I'll definitely give it a try. Is it hard to make reservations?

            1. re: ld2186

              Depends a little on which day of the week you want to go - weekends at prime hours will fill up faster, of course, but in general it's not super difficult to get a reservation - and nothing like getting a table at Lupa. The last time I went on a Sat night I think I just called earlier in the week and was able to get a 2 top for 8:00pm.

              Enjoy it - it's a great place. I second the recs for the carbonara, and when I was there last we had the whole roasted branzino and that was amazing.

              1. re: ld2186

                they're on opentable, so easy enough to hunt around for a good table time. i've never really had an issue getting a table around when I want it, long as I made it a few days in advance.

            2. We usually focus on the appetizers, especially the arancini. Crispo also prepares a proper carbonara. Service is friendly, too.

              1. My favorite italian restaurant in the city. Food, atmosphere, everything is great! Go for it!