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Apr 28, 2007 03:37 PM

I Love Sushi (Queen W.) - review

This morning, four friends and I were out for the CN Tower Climb. We wanted someplace to eat because after all the waiting to climb up, the actual climb, and then the wait to come down, we were super hungry!
I read about I Love Sushi on this board a while ago in a discussion about which place has the best spider rolls. I think one or two people recommended this place so we decided to give it a try and go out to queen west. I really wanted to like this place, but too bad....

The menu looked great... the prices seemed reasonable and the pictures looked pretty decent and yummy. Four of us decided to go for a sushi platter,(20 sushi + 12 sashimi + 6 special roll) and an order of BBQ Eel special roll. The sushi platter listing had "(3-4 people)" written beside it since it was a sizeable amount of sushi. One person decided to get a red dragon roll.

The waitress came back a little while later with 3 bowls of miso soup and 3 bowls of salad. We asked why there were only 3 servings and she said it was because we only ordered three separate things. Is it just me, or does a sushi platter that is actually suggested on the menu to feed 3-4 people not considered more than just ONE thing?! Would it kill to add two extra small bowls of soup and salad? I asked about the price and it would've cost an extra $8 for it, so we passed and split up the one that came randomly.

We received the sushi platter and rolls. They looked alright. The sashimi slices were decent size, but the cuts of fish for the sushi were sad-looking, mostly for the tuna slices. They were so thin that we could see right through them when we held it up. A quarter of the sushi pieces was fake crab meat sticks.
Next, the "special roll" was actually canned tuna mixed with hot sauce and put in a roll. There was thin green onion slices served on top. The bbq eel special roll was ok. I asked if the red dragon roll was good and got a negative response. I can't comment on it because I didn't try it myself.

All in all, it was a pretty bad experience. The waitress wasn't friendly to begin with and wasn't very kind when we asked about the soup and salad situation.

I would definitely not make the trip there again.

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  1. We got delivery from I Love Sushi last summer and the fish was hot when it arrived. It had been sitting in the back of a car for an hour or so. When we called to complain we basically got told off.

    Others have had similar experiences.

    I would never eat there again, not even on a dare.

    1. My company has gotten take-out from I Love Sushi and it's always been fresh and tasty. Everyone seems to enjoy it and I haven't heard any complaints. I'm not a sushi connoisseur by any means, but to me it was alright. I'm not really a sushi fan either, so I can't say I've eaten a lot of it. In the past, I have enjoyed sushi from Ichiban, Ho Su, Sushi on Bloor and Kuni Sushi Ya, so I like to think I've tried a variety, but again, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about?

      I just reviewed "I Love Sushi" with pics on my blog.

      Do tell me though, what's a great, magnificent, blow-your-mind sushi bar?


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      1. re: tp24

        i hope you don't take offense, but since you asked... you don't know what you're talking about.

        the places you listed (minus ichiban since there's hundreds of places with that name) are all about the same quality level and operated by korean and chinese people. while ethnicity isn't the be all end all, it certainly can be telling at times. these places are just riding the wave of popularity but aren't producing anything of quality. it's a shame that most people don't seem to know better and let places like those thrive and multiply when they're quite poor renditions.

        before i give you a quick list... keep in mind that sushi is all about the subtleties and that is what your run of the mill places will always get wrong. rice should be tender but not mushy and properly seasoned but not overwhelming to the fish. fish freshness is important but if you're getting shitty quality fish then it doesn't matter anyway and even worse when they're lying to you about what they're serving (if red snapper is a staple on the menu i'd be concerned, you're more likely eating tilapia).

        sushi marche is a good middle ground to move up from (though they need to cut back on citrus use), japango is usually a very good staple for which i would compare things (though they have been inconsistent over the past year), the new omi/john lee operation is likely to be as good and potentially better than japango, in the north end cafe michi is a great option and while i won't be able to comment on zen for another week or so, i trust that this is one of the ultimate options. my ultimate for uni has been kaji, but considering you can't just easily a la carte order there... it wouldn't be the best suggestion.

        and if you insist on getting a set meal or platter or something... always get the deluxe version or you're missing out on the best stuff there.