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Apr 28, 2007 03:37 PM

Ruby or Dragon Dynasty for dim sum?

For a group made up of a mix of newbies and semi-experienced dim summers, what do you recommend on a Sunday morning?

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  1. I've been to both, but I can't recall my experience at Ruby unfortunately because it was so long ago. I have gone to Dragon Dynasty twice in the past year though and enjoyed it both times.

    My family doesn't speak chinese, which could be a problem at some dim sum places, but the servers coming around with the carts were really friendly and really nice!!
    I don't go to dim sum often so it's hard for me to compare, but my family liked the food :) I recall our bill coming up to about $60 including tip and tax for the four of us.

    One last thing I recommend is to go early! I think no later than 11 would be a good time...

    1. Dragon Dynasty hands down for food quality, inventiveness and service. Ruby just another of your typical big Scarborough Dim Sum place. Nothing special except the cheaper price.
      Unsure whether Dragon Dynasty is willing to take reservation for a busy Sunday morning?! If not, prepare for a long wait if arriving after 11.30am!!

      1. Both are ok, agree that Dragon Dynasty a better choice but Ruby is super cheap if you go like before 11am or 11:30am, not exactly sure.

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          Dragan Dynasty for food quality and cleanliness. They steam your dim sum when you place the order.

          At Ruby, they push the carts to your table and you get to see what you are eating but the food will not be as piping hot. It all depends on what you want.

          1. re: caitlink

            Error correction - Dragon Dynasty is also cart-service during traditional Dim-Sum hours from opening to 2pm. As mentioned food quality is a step up from Ruby as is the service, which is excellent and attentive especially for a Dim Sum place.
            Frankly, Dragon Dynasty may be the best in the city, especially when you factor in the price. The only places I've found that MAY have have marginally better quality are the ultra-luxe places that charge double because their ha-gow is shaped like a swan or the congee is served in a champagne glass.
            Personally, I prefer to spend my money on food quality not on chef 'artistry', and I always enjoy excellent food and exceptional service at Dragon Dynasty.

          2. re: skylineR33

            Bargain diners go to Ruby's after 2 p.m. whent the prices are reduced considerably

          3. Very easy choice: Dragon Dynasty is tops. Ruby's isn't very good.

            White people at DD get treated differently than Chinese. Then send over the beginners dim sum, thinking, and probably righly so so, that they would be interested in the chicken feet, etc.