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Apr 28, 2007 03:25 PM

Red Violin

A few of us are going to check out the Red Violin on Danforth.
I don't see any reviews on this place here. Does anyone have any feedback this place?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. not great food, but not bad food either.

      Barzillain Bar-b-que. all you can eat. cover charge on the weekend (for music)

      not like the others(platforma in NYC) etc.

      but if you haven't tried those, it would be ok

      1. I went in a group of four a few months ago. The food was fine; it was a novel concept and experience for us, so that made it fun. We chose to go on a non-weekend night, to avoid the extra cover charge.

        1. I went with a group in October of last year and reported here in detail. As the review was fairly negative, that thread seems to have been erased, but I'll give you our experience in a capsule review:
          - drinks overpriced and we weren't warned of a large ($3.00) price increase for Cachaca to be used in our Caiparinhas instead of vodka
          - food on the salad/appetizer bar had been set out for a while, cheeses and meats were weeping oil, fish dishes smelled fishy and salads were lukewarm.
          - three regular sized plates of sides, including sauces, were given to a table of 16, when more was requested, only one more (rice) was brought.
          - when the meats came, they came, there were up to 12 "gauchos" at our table at once, by the time we got to some of the meats on our plate, it was cold.
          - meats were usually overcooked, tough, heavily garlicked and salted (most of the meat, I found way too salty)
          - at other times, there were lulls between the servers.
          - partway through the meal, the salsa band began warming up and doing their soundcheck, this wouldn't have been a problem if we weren't situated beside the PA system's speaker (in a practically empty restaurant).

          Overall we found it overpriced for what you got and that the food was often less than stellar. It wasn't BAD, but it sure wasn't good either.

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          1. re: Mike from Hamilton

            Have to agree with the previous poster. First time I went, was happy with the setup, the sald bar was excellent, the waiters cute. Second time , th eabsolute reverse, AND they had raised their prices, service was terrible, food very overcooked. A place to take a miss on, with so many other resto options in TO.

            1. re: Danybear

              This place is a MISS.
              I was very unhappy.
              The food was very average and the service was lacking. I had to stand up and wave to my waiter in order to get my cheque.

            2. re: Mike from Hamilton

              I had the exactly the same experience yesterday (months later) and with one beer (double the price than down the street!) and overcooked meats. The Beef Rib was good (the fat kept it moist) and the Lamb was OK if you got the unsalted portions underneath previous cuts.
              Though the salad and seafood was nice and kept me going hungry during the meat dishes.
              Sorry that I wasted all that overcooked meats, but I had one bite and left the rest on my plate.

              1. re: Mike from Hamilton

                Strongly agree. The meats were way overcooked, and I felt like we were being rushed thru the courses as the "meat on a stick" guys came out in droves, bombarded you and by the time you got to try the meats, you forgot what they were as they all taste the same. Oversalted, dry and not worth the cost.

              2. :( So it seems like everyone has had a poor experience lately! Sounds like it's gone downhill...

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                1. re: ekim256

                  Red Violin is not that good. But I did notice the other day while driving along Eglinton that Piatti, one of those Brazilian steak joints, has closed but is being re-opened as a Copacabana restaurant. This is good news I believe. The one in Niagara Falls serves up some super tender meat.