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Apr 28, 2007 03:10 PM

Dinner after Circleline Harbor Cruise....

Any suggestions for a late (cruise ends at pier 83 at 9pm) dinner for four adults who like pretty much all food except sushi and indian food. We will have had pizza for lunch most likely, and we are staying at 37th and Lexington. We are willing to walk/taxi to whatever makes sense. Hubby is a big eater and we prefer a laidback (can be trendy but just not uptight) atmosphere.

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  1. West Bank Cafe is on 42nd St., b/t 9th & 10 Avs., just a couple of blocks east of Pier 83. Delicious New American cuisine. Portions are not huge though certainly adequate. Friendly, efficient service. Not at all trendy, but attractive decor, comfortable seating and pleasant, low-key atmospherics. You can relax and not feel rushed because they stay open until 1 a.m.

    If you'd prefer something more basic, Sarge's Deli is on 3rd Av., b/t 36th & 37th Sts., just a block east of your hotel. No hint of trendiness, just good food, generous portions, and a wide-ranging menu. Open 24/7.

    Steakhouses are good places to go with someone who is a big eater. Smith & Wollensky is on the corner 3rd Av. & 49th St. The quality of the steaks is very good, and to say that portions are generous is an understatement. (The term "doggie bag" comes to mind.) As with most steakhouses, sides are portioned for sharing. Service is prompt, and the vibe is usually fairly boisterous without being annoying. They serve until midnight.

    Enjoy the cruise and Bon Appetit!

    1. Check out Blue's close to your hotel, has great food and a fun laidback atmosphere.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Smith and Wollenksy we can have here in Dallas--same with great BBQ. Sarge's caught my eye, but we do plan a visit to Katz's when down near the Tenement Museum the day before. Any others?

        What about the pub at Keen's Steakhouse? I think it closes at 10:30--could taxi back over from the pier.

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          Your reply with regard to S&W and bbq shows how important it is for us to know where visitors are coming from before we make suggestions.

          Keens is open until 10:30 every evening except Sunday (9p.m.). It's on 36th St., b/t 5th & 6th, so by cab from the pier, you should be able to get there in plenty of time.

          Keens happens to be our favorite steakhouse. We've only eaten in the dining room. The food is delicious and service is efficient. I'm guessing that since prices are lower in the Pub Room, portions will be smaller. It is quite cozy and has the same unmatchable old NY ambiance found throughout the restaurant.

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            I would go to Artisanal if I were you all...I lived in Dallas for 2 years and there are way too many amazing steakhouses to come to New York for steak. Artisanal is French, but not intimidating...fabulous atmosphere that's good for groups. It's a couple of blocks from your hotel, as well.

        2. Just got back from a Circleline Harbor trip and on our way to the boat we passed a littleFrench Restaurant on 42nd St.after 10th Ave called Chez Josephine - it was only a few blocks form the pier. We were intrigued by what we could see inside and the menu and who we are blurb in the winsow. We said we'd have to go next time but I forgot all about it intil I read your post. I looked it up on line and it is
          Chez Josephine Ltd
          (212) 594-1925
          414 W 42nd St,
          New York, NY 10036+6806
          with one good review.