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Apr 28, 2007 02:57 PM

don't go to red hook ballfields... till next weekend

The Red Hook ballfields are a bust this weekend according to Jslab.
There was a permit snafu, so dont try to go this weekend.. next weekend..sigh.
I unfortunately found out too late and was alrready en route, so went and saw the sad, nothing but tumbleweeds situation in person..
But got a nice bike ride out of it anyways on this lovely day.

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  1. I got a tasty pork taco at the baseball fields. There were a number of food vendors. I was the only gringa--most of the people eating up were actually people watching the game or the players themselves, but I certainly wasn't turned away. They were there last weekend, too. Still, one risked getting hit in the head with a flying baseball, but it's the risk you take for really good food. Well, it's the risk I took. Made my whole weekend!!