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Apr 28, 2007 02:13 PM

Mother's Day in Memphis

It is starting to become tradition that my mother comes to visit me in Memphis for Mother's Day every year. Two years ago, we went to the Beauty Shop in Cooper-Young and loved it. Last year, we went to the Madison Hotel for their brunch. I love their restaurant Grill 83 and figured the brunch would be just as good. I was wrong. Big bright room with no character, the music was good but would of been more fitting in a late night Jazz club, and the food that had great sounding names wasn't too good in the buffet style execution. The food seemed like it had been sitting out all night. Finally, the service was slow and they overcharged us on the bill. However, in the end, my mother received a couple free nights at the hotel as a result. But now the question is, where do we go for Mother's Day brunch this year? Any suggestions? It seems that most of the downtown restaurants (where I live) are closed.

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  1. Not sure if King Biscuit Diner is open on Mother's Day, but it might be worth looking into. Located in Cordova off Germantown Road. Nice outdoor patio, tasty biscuits, and smooth mimosas on a recent Sunday brunch.

    1. wally joes is great, king biscuit is great!

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        Wally Joes is no more. He closed his namesake restaurant and now is working at the Brushmark. However, the restaurant that took over his space, Interim, is said to be wonderful, too.