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Apr 28, 2007 12:58 PM

Del Posto and Buddakan

I have reservations for these places Memorial Day Weekend. Are there any cant miss dishes that I should be looking for. Buddakan is with a group of friends, but Del Posto will be just me and my wife for her birthday.


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  1. You can't have a bad dish at Del Posto...phenomenal food...wines are good but over the top markup....order the Vespa Bastianich if you like's one of Joe Bastianich's own and is inexpensive....we drink it at Babbo as well. The arctic char was great by the way at Del Posto and their steak is super too.

    1. Hi Alex318,

      You definitely made the right choice with group dining in Buddakan and birthday dinner at Del Posto. Buddakan, with its impressive and chic decor, is perfect for group dining and have fun. Their strengths are in the dim sum and appetizers, such as the edamame dumplings, shark fin dumplings, taro springrolls, steamed sea bass, etc. You can for sure order more of these and share with your friends. The meat entrees are ok, and seafood tends to be small in portion. Don't bother with the fried rice and noodles. The desserts are quite delicious!

      As for Del Posto, I dined there a few times but have only ordered the enoteca menu. Within that I particular enjoyed bucatini and ravioli and fish, didn't quite like the turkey meatloaf and shrimp dish. The calamari fritti is probably the best calamari I ever had.

      Hope you have some wonderful dinners and Happy Birthday to your wife!

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        I completely agree, appetizers and desserts are the way to go at Buddakan. The edamame dumplings are my favorite, but most of the appetizers are good.