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Apr 28, 2007 12:47 PM

Latin + Central American Gems in Miami Area

I would love to hear about your experiences at Honduran, Colombian, Ecuadorian, etc restaurants in Miami-Dade County. I have eaten Cuban food a 100 times but have rarely experienced other cuisines. Please let me know what and where you have eaten!

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  1. Salmon Salmon-Peruvian
    Los Ranchos-Nicaraguan
    Casa Juancho-Spanish
    Garcias-Cuban Seafood
    Jaguar-Latam Grill & Ceviche Spoon Bar
    Mari-Nalli-Gourmet Quesadillas

    All of the above are tried and tested...Buen Provecho!

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    1. re: netmover

      Thanks for your input! I have been to Salmon Salmon and Jaguar and both are great! Do you have any particular recommendations for Adelita's (which I just discovered is only blocks from me) and Atlakatl (is that near Hy Vong)?

      1. re: chocolada

        Baleadas are an interesting twist on the taco at Adelita's. The other dishes on the menu should be chosen according to taste.

        There are several Atlakatls...and yes I do beleive there is one near Hy Vong. However, I have never been to that one. I usually go to the one on NW 7th St or the one on NW 17th Ave near the Orange Bowl. I really dig their mixed Pupusas and hearty stews.

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        Anybody know if the nacatamales at Los Ranchos large and wrapped in banana leaves? I've been trying to find those up here for a while. Any feedback on the food there in general would also be appreciated.

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          oh, and I forgot another Cuban Seafood dandy...La Camaronera. Standing room only! Flagler and 18th Ave.

        2. Open question to anyone who can answer it.
          My Spanish foster father used to make a dish which sounded like "buchedo". It consisted of a soup with chicken, shin beef, chick peas, carrots and noodles and a main dish consisting of the shin beef, chicken, sweet and hot chorizos, chickpeas and potatoes. I've never seen or heard of this dish again except for when I spoke to an elderly Argentinian man who vaguely remembered it. It was a flavor of my childhood which I'd like to experience again if I could. Anybody out there familiar with it? The correct spelling might help me to find it.

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          1. re: bel_gazou

            The dish you are referring to is Cocido and is actually Spanish in origin. I don't know much more than that but I assure you that if you google cocido you will find many recipes for the dish with endless variations. Hope that helps!!

            1. re: chocolada

              Thanks so much! I've been trying to find information about my beloved childhood "buchedo" for a long time. Knowing the correct name will be a great help.

          2. Las Vacas Gordas - Argentinian
            Graziano's - Argentinian (high-end)
            El Rey de Chivito - Uruguayan
            Tambo - Peruvian/Chinese
            La Cofradia - Peruvian (high-end)

            1. Francesco for Peruvian, Zagat rate 28 for food.
              Ideas Restaurant for Spanish food (excelent)

              1. Thank you! I am excited to try all of these places. I will report back!