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Apr 28, 2007 12:42 PM

MILK question..

do they do take outs on their sweets? and if so, what do you recommend? going to a dinner and thought it'd be a cute gift. around 10 people..or if you have other suggestions thanks!

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  1. Yes they do. Don't know about packaging, as I've always gotten mine to go in a white paper bag.

    Other suggestions include pastries to go at either Doughboys or Little Next Door or Joan's on Third.

    1. The Blue Velvet Cake (smooth cream cheese and Blue berries -- OMG) and Strawberry Shortcakes (more like scones – Hard, not fluffy) are packaged individually in hard clear plastic containers that travel very well. I really recommend having a shake and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie while you are there. Not many tables but you will get one. The bon bons are also good and maybe you should buy a dozen for $3, mix the flavors and let the people in your group each some to get an idea of what MILK is about. I also noticed a customer try several flavors of ice cream just like Baskin Robins offers before she decided on a chocolate mint cone (Also soooo gooood). I have not had any food items yet but did notice that the salads look good. Last week we ate at Carney's on Sunset (Chilli-Dogs) and then went to Milk for deseart. A great afternoon.

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        THey have fantastic travelling freezer bags w/ their logo on them. (They may be a little pricey - can't remember) Bought one & filled it w/ a couple of pints of ice cream - made a great hostess/host gift.