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Apr 28, 2007 12:24 PM

What's the best Mexican fast food chain?

I've tried a lot of them,Chipotle,Taco Johns,Taco Bell,Taco Cabana,Taco time,Del Taco,and on,and on,but only one of them do i really like(other than Taco Cabana's breakfast burrito,as long as you know what to order on it)and that is Taco Bueno...really tasty affordable Mex,with really good salsa....what do you think?

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  1. Freebirds World Burrito
    small chain in Texas
    Get A Monster

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      1. re: cameronaus

        Freebirds World Burrito is based off of and licenced from the original Freebirds in Isla Vista, CA near UC Santa Barbara. It's good but I wouldn't call it Mexican food; more like gringoified Mexican food.

        1. re: oerdin

          Yes that's true, but seriously, is anything that will get mentioned on this thread, or the chain board at all, able to be considered Mexican. Let's not criticize bronze for not being gold.

      2. I guess I'd have to say Taco Cabana though I only go for the convenience of a drive-thru and only for a breakfast or an advertised special. Kind of pricey for fast food and skimpy portions, if you ask me. Too many other options (taco trucks, taquerias, etc.) I've never been to Chipotle but have had food brought to me from there by co-workers -- I'm not fond of burritos to begin with so I've never been moved to go there on my own. Taco Bell -- no way. Dell Taco lasted a little over a year here.

        Taco Bueno was here about 25 years ago but pulled out, probably about the time Taco Cabana and their early competitor, 2 Pesos, came in. I remember them as being good but that was a long time ago.

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        1. re: oltheimmer

          I remember two pesos. We went there once. The building was once a bank they actually used part of the drive thru bank system to have a food delivery system. Now it's a hooters.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            So, what do they use the drive through for now?

            1. re: kindofabigdeal

              There was a chain of Two Pesos in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix. It was the place to go for 20 year-olds after a night of drinking. I think that in order to tolerate food, you had to first imbibe alcohol. Not a good sign. I wonder if Two Pesos is elsewhere in the country.

              1. re: ginael

                I think there used to be one in Tucson, and you're right ginael, it was definately a place where a few beers made the food taste better.

          2. I'm a big fan of baja fresh myself. Love thier nachos, and their chicken tacos are great when I want something simple and fresh tasting. I'm a big fan of their chips, and they have decent salsa as chains go. Oh and their fish tacos are pretty decent, though the fish can be a bit soggy sometimes.

            I used to love Taco C's chicken fajitas, but over the past couple of years their quality seems to have gone downhill. Also liked their tortillas, but again, not too sure about them anymore...

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            1. re: Aloo0628

              I was thinking Baja Fresh as well. Their stuff is decent across the board and at least seems fresher than most other chains. I do also like Qdoba, though I make no claims about authenticity, healthfullness nor freshness. Whatever combination of stuff they put together, I find pleasing.

              1. re: Aloo0628

                I would definitely agree with you on Baja Fresh. They are the only fast food mexican chain that has somewhat decent food. You can get some pretty healthy options there and everything tastes fresh, not like its out of a can as at some other places.
                I also sometimes enjoy Qdoba, but I don't think its the best. Their taco salad is pretty decent and I also like the fact that you can get everything "naked." Good for healthy eaters like myself!

                1. re: Aloo0628

                  I'm with you on the nachos at Baja Fresh! They're some of my favorite nachos ever.

                  1. re: mollyomormon

                    I'm also for baja fresh!!! Or El Pollo Loco!!!

                  2. re: Aloo0628

                    Baja Fresh is great. Unfortunately, it closed down in the area and the closest replacement in the area is Chipotle, which is good, but not the same.

                    1. re: madgreek

                      Chipotle is pretty good, but Baja Fresh is king.

                  3. Rubio's ...small chain on the west coast. excellent fish tacos!

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                      1. re: ibstatguy

                        3rd, Rubio's is great. Onthe other hand, I'll NEVER go back to Baja Stale!

                      2. re: baseballfan

                        The grand irony for me, was that Rubios used to be even BETTER!! I went to school in San Diego before their big roll out. And it was such a treat to have (We used to take family trips to Ensenada as a kid). But then their tortillas turned smaller and icky... THeir portions got skimpy. They began to use industrial ingredients... Their Super Nachos used to be one of my BIGGEST treats... now I can't even look at them...

                        I work nearby one and yes, they are still a top work choice for me (heck anything slathered in the Chipotle salsa would be good!), it's just that they used to be SO much better... it's hard for me to forget that..


                        1. re: Dommy

                          they still make their shrimp quesedilla as good as ever. You just have to request it the "old way" with the salsa and guacamole on the inside, cooked, and - of course - no sour cream!

                        2. re: baseballfan

                          Gotta agree on Rubio's. Great fish tacos.

                        3. The original comment has been removed
                          1. That would be Sanborns. Not really fast, but not that much in Mexico is :)

                            1. re: Veggo

                              MMMM 'love fish,and shrimp tacos, wish we could get them here in Fl,I used to stop at a place in Fontana Ca,called La Chiquta, for those....really miss them.