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Apr 28, 2007 12:13 PM

Mazzola's Lard Bread

No red-blooded American can resist these peppery, slick-crusted, meat and cheese-stuffed lard loaves...especially a hot one.

However, we're told by the grizzled old heads of the hood that the best lard bread could once be found at Cammareri Bros. on Henry and Sackett in it's pre-Naidre's, pre-Cher/Cage days. Unfortunately I missed those days. Maybe the handsome loaves at Monteleone and Cammareri successfully channel that same mid-century magic. But so far, I have not allowed myself to buy one out of dumb loyalty to Mazzola's. One of these days I suppose I should do some comparison shopping...anyone know of a really magnificent lard bread?

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  1. I've had the lard bread at the new M-C combo and it's good. But Mazzola's is better. Actually, as good as the old Cammareri's was, Mazzola's lard bread was it's equal back then as well.

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    1. re: Steve R

      Interesting...and good to know. thanks.

      1. re: chowzdown

        Mazzola's is definitely better - the MC one I had was too peppery, I had to try it but won't again

        1. re: hungrylikethewolf

          funny, I thought Mazzolas was more peppery but I definitely like it better. I also had the lard bread from espositos which was available easter weekend. Don't know if it is always available. Positive--it was made with sausage in addition to the normal ingredients. Negative--it was a little too rich. I find Mazzolas to be my favorite.

          1. re: fudluvr

            Esposito's does usually have lard bread, but I don't think they produce it themselves. Sausage sounds like a good addition but I could see how that would be a bit too much.