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Apr 28, 2007 11:49 AM

Bowling/Mozza & Milk, a review

So yesterday was my hubands birthday & my 6 year old son & I arranged some family fun to celebrate. We started our adventure mid afternoon at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley at Hollywood & Highland. Although we didn't have any food here, I hear it isn't bad. We did have some sparkling water & the service & vibe we great considering what a hipster hangout this place turns into in the evening.
After some (embarassingly bad) bowling, we drove down to Mozza for an early dinner. I just love this place! We enjoyed the chicken liver bruschetta, stuffed zucchini blossoms, proscuitto & buffalo mozzerella, margarita pizza (for my son & he loved it!), Nancy's chopped salad & the clam pizza. All items were wonderful, especially the clam pizza. It reminded me of an excellent vongole pasta which is one of my favorites. We have enjoyed the bruschetta & zucchini blossoms before & this time they were just as good. Nancy's salad was great but I remember being blown away when I had the radiccio & arugala salad last time, Just a personal preference I suppose. Oh, I also had a lovely glass of italian white wine reccommened by my server who was knowlegeable. I simply asked for something light, white & minerally & she did the rest.The service & staff at Mozza are wonderful from the hostess to the busboys. All were accomodating & anticipated our needs. I love a great restaurant where I can bring my son & everyone is happy!
After reading reviews about Milk on Beverly, I decided we needed to have birthday desserts there. My husband is a fan of all foods that are blue, believe it or not (think blue ice cream, cotton candy etc) so when I read about the blue velvet cake I thought he'd get a kick out of it. Milk was awesome! We enjoyed the blue velvet cake (the accomodating staff was kind enough to put a birthday candle in it for my hubby!) , banana caramel bar, coffee toffee ice cream sandwich and vanilla & strawberry ice creams. The velvet cake was very good and moist although I couldn't figure out what the flavor was??? Everything else was wonderful, I especially loved the coffee toffee ice cream I ate the whole thing. My espresso was rather bitter but the excellence with which everything else was executed made that forgiveable. All and all a wonderful family birthday celebration. I must admit I was very very full. I will be fasting until tonight when just the hubby and I will be celebrating at Josie!

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  1. Thanks for the play-by-play. I live within a couple of minutes of both Mozza and Milk and while we've been meaning to try them, we haven't made it out. We've got a 2 year old, so I feel your pain about finding places where the kid can go. Do you mind saying approximately how much you spent at Mozza?

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      No, no problem.$100/ $120, including tip. Although, we got & ate so much food, (and eneded up too full after milk) I'm sure we could have gotten out of there for a less if we hadn't been celebrating=over doing it.

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        oh and it's so loud there you don't have to worry about your child being loud

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          Thanks, those places are still on our list, and now they're bumped up a little higher.

      2. I really like the food at Lucky Strike. It was probably best characterized as Surprisingly Good For A Bowling Alley. Good pizzas and good sandwiches.

        1. Wait, you didnt notice the big juicy blueberries in the blue velvet cake??

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            my husband ate most of it. i had a couple of frosty bites& thought i detected something else in the frosting? he loves the blue food. i mostly had the i.c. sandwich which rocked.