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Apr 28, 2007 11:42 AM

Vegas Sushi

Ok, so I'm going to Vegas at the end of May, and I am still trying to plan where my group and I are going to eat. This is a very important part of any trip as you all know. Are there any good sushi places out in Vegas that are priced resonably, maybe some all you can eat sushi that isn't a buffet, or half priced sushi. If you knwo of any good hole in the wall places or and mainstays let me know, thanks.

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  1. Assuming you have a car, Koto in Henderson. Some of the best sushi around, AYCE for about 25 for adults, fabulous rolls, wine and beer (no mixed drinks), family owned. If you have a large group, probably make a reservation. Well worth the drive...also a nice cooked food menu if you have any non-sushi eaters.

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      Had Lunch @ Koto on Wednesday...what a find! I highly recommend it!
      I was working in the Henderson/St. Rose area and wanted something light and fresh. I remembered KOTO from some of the postings on the site. Had the Dragon lunch special which was 5 pieces of Sushi along w/ a eel/avacado Dragon Roll a large Salad and Miso was hard to finish it all. Everything was fresh!
      The Owner/Hostess MaryBeth was gracious....
      I very much look forward to my next visit!