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Apr 28, 2007 11:35 AM

Best Vietnamese on west side? (And, what to order besides pho)

Haven't been to a Vietnamese place in ages. Given that husband has finally agreed to go, what's my best Vietnamese adventure on the west side? (Can be upscale or downscale.)

Pho 99?
Le Saigon?
Red Moon?
Somewhere else?

And what do you recommend there?

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  1. Really, your best bet is to hop on the 405 and head into Van Nuys for Pho So 1, where you can order most anything on the menu and feel good about it.

    1. We had lunch at Le Saigon last Sunday. We definitely enjoyed our dry noodle dishes with grilled meats. Sorry I don't recall the dishes' names but they grill with alot of love - never overgrilling, the seasoning is just enough to bring the flavor of the slightly charred meats and seafood out, and the herbs are always fresh.

      Sauce also mentions a relative newcomer to areas within 15-20 minutes of the Westside. Pho So 1 is in the same shopping center as the 99 Ranch and Sam Woo, on the corner of Victory and Sepulveda. You can easily make an afternoon out of this by shopping at 99 Ranch, then having lunch at Pho So 1. Remember to bring some form of ice chest if you decide to shop.

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        Thanks both - went to Pho 99 and was underwhelmed. Will note Pho So 1 for next time.

      2. What style of Vietnamese food? Are you looking for a place that specializes in pho or not-pho? Either way, heading to the valley is probably the sanest suggestion.

        Either way, have a look at:
        which is an existing thread about basically the same thing.