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Apr 28, 2007 10:48 AM

Birthday Lunch in Tri-beca?

I need a restaurant in tri-beca that is fairly affordable (liquor wise) that we can go to lunch/brunch stay for a while and not be bothered?

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  1. Tribeca tends to be a bit expensive, and I can only think of Landmarc. If you like burgers or American fares, PJ Clarks at World Financial Center may do. Southwest which is also in WFC has some Southwest mexican food and cocktails that are decent and not too expensive.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      We ended up going to 'Southwest' so that we could sit outside and I have never had worse service in my life. Every order was wrong, they substituted liquor without telling us, it took 20 mins before any one came over and talk to us and until we were over 6 six our waitress was incrediably rude (added gratuity) and even then she did not get much better. Our bill was huge and when we compained to the manager we got and lame apology and a shrug of the shoulders. I do not recommend this place ever!!!!

    2. Tribeca Grill is great!!!! A not to be missed spot.

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        Unfortunately I have to respectfully disagree with Tribeca Grill. The food is very mediocre. I think Landmarc serves much better food and a more extensive wine list.

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          Have never had a bad meal at Tribeca Grill....another great place in that area is Megu!!

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          tribeca grill really? not to be missed.. hum maybe 13 years ago. have only eaten there once. don't remember much being notable. as for megu. it is style over substance. the prices are insultingly high and that is delivered from a man who rarely if ever makes that claim...

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            This once again proves that food taste is a personal thing....I find your criticisms of both Tribeca Grill which we frequent(you claim to have been there once) and Megu which we go to atleast once a week for lunch and every other for dinner to be totally out of place....nobody said you have to order the 180.00 beef at Megu, but if you know food and know how to order there, it is phenomenal, not JUST GOOD!! As for style at Megu, it certainly has that, but the food definitely wins out over the style, jsmitty....good thing you're not a critic for the Times....people wouldn't have anywhere to eat in NYC!!

            1. re: bac528

              I have to agree with jsmitty on tribeca grill and megu. tribeca grill is so mediocre in NY standard. Landmarc nearby can easily win over Tribeca grill. I have been to Megu many times, and mostly it's for the beef and to go with friends who want the "scene". Their food is ok but not top-notch. Their kobe beef is not of the highest quality. I do agree that the decor (not the food) wins over many restaurants.

              Even without Tribeca grill and Megu, there are plenty of better places to dine at in NYC.

        3. Odeon is large place with a good brunch in Tribeca but if you go at prime hours they will definitely chase you out. There's also Cercle Rouge, Petite Abeille, Walkers and Edwards which are all affordable and have good lunch/brunch options in the area.

          1. blau gans is an austrian bistro if that phrase actually exists. and great desserts from the gutterbrunner team...

            1. How about Fresh? We had a very nice dinner there last weekend and they have a prix-fixe lunch menu. The food was great, the service was fine and we weren't rushed.