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Apr 28, 2007 10:36 AM

Delilah Bakery - Echo Park

My SO and I went to the new-ish Delilah Bakery on Echo Park Ave for breakfast this morning. I must say I am pretty wowed by the appearance and uniqueness of their pastry. There were several kinds of muffins, cupcakes (s'more cupcakes?!), coffee cake (yes, they have red velvet for those of you who neeeeed to have it) as well as some yogurt parfaits (one even had what looked like nilla wafers in it).

Their menu says they sell sandwiches, but I didn't see any at this time of day. The baker looked like she was baking her booty off when I was there, manybe they supply restaurants or get a lot of special orders?

We ordered the fruit parfait, layers of creamy (vanilla?) yogurt, (maple?) granola and mixed fruit (banana, blackberry and strawberry) and (this was the highlight) a sausage and cheddar cheese muffin... oh my word it was a good one. We had set our minds on the blue cheese and bacon muffin but the sausage won out.

Those two items plus two coffees was ten bucks. Enjoyed at one of the outdoor tables by the flower bed, Definitely worth it.

Delilah Bakery
1665 Echo Park Ave.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Delilah Bakery, Echo Eater. I've passed by many times, but have yet to stop in for a visit. From your review, it sounds like a great, but very dangerous bakery to have in the hood. Thanks again!

    1. I look forward to visiting soon. I saw Steve Lopez at LA Times wrote a piece yesterday on the red tape the bakery went through just to open.

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        i thought i saw steve lopez sitting outside with the owner the other day.
        delilahs is great. everything i have had there has been excellent. nice people too.
        a welcome addition to echo park. i am so happy to be able to support a place with great food and nice people