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Apr 28, 2007 10:15 AM

Chinese Caterer NYC June 8th rehearsal dinner

I had contracted with Xing Restaurant last November to cater my son's wedding rehearsal dinner on June 8th at the Rectory Hall of Church of Our Saviour at 38th and Park.
Two weeks ago I was infomed the restaurant was going out of business. They gave me the name of their chef and I have worked with him for the last two weeks with him indicating he was at a new restaurant and could still handle the event.

THIS MORNING I received an email saying he was being transferred to another restaurant which was out of town.
I have relied on these representations and have paid a non refundable deposit on the hall, had invitations printed, and have purchased chinese theme decorations.

I am going to have about 40 people at the rehearsal dinner.
My son and fiance wanted a chinese theme - be a little more relaxed than the very formal wedding the next day.

Is there anyone there who can cater who knows a GOOD CHINESE RESTAURANT that might be able to deliver food and I could hire waitstaff?
This is going to be a buffet at 7pm.

I was providing the wine/champagne privately.
Any info would be appreciated as I live in Tampa Florida and prior to the wedding I have two sons graduating from college. Thus, my time is extremely limited.

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  1. Hi sharon1,

    What is your budget (per person) and does it have to be authentic Chinese or Fusion Chinese (as I think Xing is more fusion)?

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Either. I liked the Fusion but I can take authentic as long as it isn't "Americanized"
      Xing was going to cater for $50 per head. This included the waitstaff.

    2. Shun Lee Palace and Wu Liang Ye have both catered for me...either is a fantastic choice.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. You might want to post your question on one of the Chinese bridal message boards. Chinabridal had the best board but theirs seems to be down. The board at The Knot is working.

          1. I'm sorry to hear this - both for you, and also because I enjoyed the one meal I had there quite a bit. Any idea what happened, and when they are closing?

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            1. re: adam

              I just made a reservation there for next week - no indication that it's closing. Does anyone know anything more about this?