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Apr 28, 2007 09:16 AM

Ft Worth Star-Telegram Resto. Reviews - What Happened?

I understand they got a new restaurant reviewer (I believe). It used to be that you could go to their webpage and search for restaurants in your area. It seems this feature has gone away, along with all the old reviews?

Anyone have any idea? Did they really wipe out all of the old reviews? Or am I missing something here?

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  1. not sure what you were doing before but here is a link to this week's reviews:

    the FWST is about to unfurl a dramatic makeover and that includes a revamp of its "Startime" weekend guide, where the reviews appear. the guide will have a new name, and the reviews will be a little more concise

    it's possible that, as a part of that makeover, they're making some changes to the site

    there is no new reviewer at the FWST, it's still the same crew of 4 to 5 people who cover dining, supervised by June Naylor, with Bud Kennedy writing his twice-a-week column of news and notes.

    perhaps you are thinking of the dallas morning news which has a new reviewer who started in february.

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      There used to be drop down boxes at the bottom of the Dining page. You could pick city, type of food, etc. It would bring up a bunch of reviews for those places. For instance, I could pull up Bedford, and it would bring up all the restaurants they did reviews for in Bedford.

      Now, all of those old reviews seem to be missing. I can't find a review for Lava Asian Grill, which I heard about originally on the site, by reading a review. It seems to have changed around two months or six weeks ago. That's when the search criteria and all of the old reviews disappeared.