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Disney Dining Plan Recs

I've done some searchs and read the posts that are here but I wondered if I can get some feedback on specific choices that I've made:
Le Cellier
Chefs de France
Jika (we're staying at the Animal Kingdom Lounge)
Concourse Steakhouse

I'm worried about two things -- too much steak (is there such a thing!) and maybe too much Epcot? I'm going with my fiance who hasn't been to Disney World since...well for a very long time. The last time he was there there wasn't even an Epcot! Epcot is my favorite park but I'm sure there are other places to eat. Specifically I'm thinking of other resorts. I've eaten at BlueZoo and enjoyed it immensely but it's not on the dining plan. I'm not that interested in California whatever in the Contemporary...I just don't feel like New American food. We also don't want to use two table service meals to get any Signature Dining experiences unless they are truly amazing -- we'll likely pay for Jika out of pocket. So with that in mind - any experiences the Chowpeople can share?


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  1. We've had very good meals at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney, but I don't know if they're on the plan.

    You might also want to check out:

    1. I would check to see if Concourse Steakhouse is still opened, I've heard that they are moving to another area in the Contemporary so at some time there will be renovation work going on. I don't know how you feel about Alfredo's (I really like it, especially the Fettucini, sorry, I know it's another Epcot) and they will be closing in August for good, so you may want to try it before it closes it's doors. From what I've read about O'hana (I've never eaten there) you either love it or hate it (it's a very limited choice and it's all on skewers). I like Spoodles over at the Boardwalk, if you time it right you can go to Jellyrolls after dinner for some drinks and dueling pianos. I know you said you didn't want to go to the California Grill but it really is a great place to view the fireworks and it's a nice seasonal menu. Whispering Canyon in the Wilderness Lodge is a fun place with some good basic meals.Lastly, I would say to look at Wolfgang Pucks menu in Downtown Disney. I agree with cavandre and go to allearsnet and look under dining and you can see all the menus of every restaurant in WDW. It looks like you have a great lineup, just check the menus to be sure.

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        Alfredo's is closing, to be replaced by another Italian place, see here: http://allears.net/din/restnews.htm

        I did O'Hana for breakfast, it was very basic family style but lots of characters. I really enjoyed the Yacht Club Galley, fine food (I think I had asparagus risotto) without the double-hit on your dining plan of the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Also, you can stroll outside and see Epcot's fireworks from the Yacht/Beach Club.

      2. Do you have children? If no children, I'd swap Ohana and say go to Kona Cafe for dinner instead.

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          No kids Cherylp3. Is Kona Cafe more "adult"? I thought I'd read on allearsnet or some other Disney World tips/tricks site that if you were in Ohana during the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom you could see them. Of course I can't find that information now - did I completely make that up?

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            Yes, Kona Cafe is more adult than O'hana - O'hana is like Brazilian churrascaria - lots of meat coming around on skewers - but they break for kids games and songs periodically. Whispering Canyon is like that too - very loud, lots of kids.

            Have you thought about (yes, this is in Epcot too, but it's my favorite park as well) Morocco for dinner? They have a really great Vegetable Couscous and that would be good with all of your steak. In regards to Jiko - don't miss it! Yes, the best dish is the filet with the macaroni and cheese but there are also great fish dishes as well - the halibut is very good and I've had it several times.

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              Kona is definitely more adult. Ohana does pump in the music and you can see the fireworks, you could also go see them from the beach at the Poly.

              Also if you like the Zebra domes from boma, the quick service at AKL sells them.

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                I've never been to Kona for dinner but I've been there for breakfast and it was great. I had the tonga toast and it was delish!! They also have 100% Kona coffee, which most coffee junkies love.

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                  I have been talking about our Disney trip alot lately. I have listed our current adrs on my blog. All the disney ones are under the Travel section.

                  I have heard some not great things about Jiko. I do not remember exactly. We are staying at the Wilderness Lodge, so we are eating one night at Artist Point.


          2. If you can afford it, my favorite is California Grill. But it would be a bit of a splurge, perfect view of the castle and fireworks at night. But its the food that is the main attraction!

            1. I reluctantly went to epcot a few years ago. Dinner at the Moroccan restaurant was unbelievable. Subsequently saw a program on the food channel showing that the King of Morocco sent his executive chef to design and supervise the restaurant.
              DO NOT MISS IT!

              1. Jiko is excellent. The wines are very well chosen and the short ribs with tamarind sauce is a fabulous way to go. Boma (agreed on the Zebra Domes which originated from this location) is a great choice as well, given the buffet style allows you to try samplings of all different foods. O'Hana is a lot of food, but it's also one of those interactive locations where there is a lot of commotion. Le Cellier has great cheddar cheese soup and steaks. Chefs de France is ok. Many people like it, but I think it's passable. The Concourse Steakhouse is also good, but nothing fantastic. If you are looking for something interesting, you can also consider Artists Point at Wilderness Lodge, which features its own smokehouse. Citricos at The Grand Floridian is also worth checking out. I'd skip Flying Fish, but do agree Spoodles is good for Mediterranean, and the Moroccan pavilion is often skipped, despite being very good. If Yachtsman still has the Jack Daniels steak, it's very good as well.

                1. Thanks to all the great replies and Becca P. thanks for linking to your site - lovely. We've decided to get the ADRs on the above restaurants (after all that!) but we are definitely going to eat in Morroco and I've decided that if we spend all our counter service meals and breakfast in Epcot well then so be it - I just love that place. Jiko is our splurge restaurant so I'm glad I got some confirmation that it was a good idea - the wines sound great as does the food. I never warmed to the idea of California Grill but I'll put it on my list for next time -- seems everyone likes it but the menu didn't look interesting to me. And while I did get a lot of mixed reviews on Ohana DF is a volume eater if there ever was one - we got our reservations late (9 pm) and will watch Wishes (the MK fireworks) from there. I also think we'll try to go over to the Wilderness Lodge to at least have drinks - I definitely want to see the theming there and it was our other choice for hotel on this trip so I'd like to compare. Thanks again for all the thoughtful responses.

                  1. Hubby and I stayed in the Animal Kingdom lodge in February. Jiko was fabulous, we went there on our first night and it was equivalent to some high end restaurants at home. Several nights later we did Boma which had a couple similar dishes as Jiko and lots more (eg unusual starches of Africa, woo!), but being buffet style the dishes were close but just not as good as Jiko. Boma also was definately the "casual family" place and was packed packed packed so the experience was just meh, and it was only like $5 maybe $10 cheaper than Jiko. So I personally would recommend skipping Boma and spending a couple extra bucks or coupons (or however it works) and just do Jiko.

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                      The Disney Dining Plan is great. It is not coupon based or anything scary. Basically you pay a flat fee per person per night, under 40 for adults, around 35 for kids. That buys you 1 snack, 1 counter service/fast food, and 1 table service meal. The table service comes with appetizer, entree, dessert, and 18% tip for everyone including children. There are no separate menus, you can order the most expensive items if you like. I have heard that 1 or 2 places, like Wolfgang Puck's, might have a surcharge for a couple of items, very infrequently.

                      It really is a great feeling to have the majority of your food prepaid! Everyone says they get way too much food on the plan, they are always stuffed...

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                        I think what mymagoogle meant about "extra coupons" was that certain "signature" restaurants count as TWO table-service meals per person off the dining plan -- like Jiko, vs. Boma which is only one meal per person.

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                          Yeah, I just wanted to elaborate on the plan for people who didn't know about it.