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Anyone know where to find some good Poutine in the OC or Long Beach area?

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  1. There was a report of it in Anaheim at Cafe Casse Croute which features French Canadian food. Reliably it is featured at the Canadian Cafe in Monrovia and has been reported to be available and good at Dusty's in Silverlake (the last two unfortunately not in OC or LB - and don't recall ever seeing a report of it in LB previously).

    Cafe Casse Croute
    656 S Brookhurst St
    Anaheim, CA 92804
    (714) 774-8013

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    1. re: tony michaels

      O RLY.

      And I've been doing this whole "Explorations on Brookhurst" thing... and I live in Anaheim... hmmmmmmmmm. Obviously some research is required here.

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        OK...I am counting on you to give us your critique.

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            Thanks for being the guenia pig. Bummer that they don't have poutine.

    2. My understanding of poutine is that its fries, gravy and cheese curds(gotta be squeaky), but can also be anything on fries even spaghetti sauce instead of gravy. I've been eating "wet fries" at The Hat before I even heard of poutine. The Hat has a location in Lake Forest...maybe you can ask for "wet fries" and try and find some cheese curds to add or ask them to add cheese(like they serve on their chili fries).

      The Hat

      From the L.A. board I've heard Canadian Cafe in Monrovia is known for their poutine.

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        I've had gravy fries, like at a Hawaiian place, but the cheese curds and gravy is what really makes it. Still hoping for a place in Long Beach or close vincinity at least.

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          Cafe Casse is about 14 and half miles from CSULB. Not a bad drive by Southern Calif. standards. Maybe call them first just to make certain they do have it and then the lure of the cheese curds will make the drive seem short.

          1. re: tony michaels

            I just posted above -- ate there yesterday. They do not serve poutine. They don't even have the cheese curds, I asked if they could make it as an "off-menu" item and they couldn't.