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Apr 28, 2007 08:45 AM

israel food/wine tour

looking for a mediterranean culinary tour in israel, 5 to 10 days, during july. classes, tastings, market tours, any combo thereof.

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  1. sounds so fun...wish i could help, but if you do find one, PLEASE post it here! :)

    1. What you are looking for, was my exact idea of creating, but as I have a different satisfying profession, and I can not see (as yet) floods of tourists in general and specific foodies storming Israel, I suffice with taking an occasional friend, family member or foreign business to a private food tour I create and orchestrate.
      I could suggest loads of stuff and can even personally help with Tel Aviv best of street food tour. When are you coming, how many are you?
      I have a great advice as well. Israel is a rather small place. So you can do it yourself. This week a great, beautiful, fresh and very informative book was published in Israel:
      The Book of New Israeli Food (In English) by Janna Gur, I am not sure if its available as yet at Amazon and such, but if you have an interest, let me know. It is published by the leading Israeli food magazine "Al Hashulhan":

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        a recent article in the Miami Herald answers some of your questions, and mentions the Janna Gur book:

        and it seems you can order the book here:
        but I couldn't do it. web issues. the book is about $33 US but the shipping might be about the same.

        1. re: boaziko

          and, boaziko, I'd be interested in your suggestions/advice/possible tour. I am starting to plan a fall trip, so plenty of time to discuss :)

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            For now have a look at those links for wine tours in Israel. In the near future I'll add some ideas regarding food, do you have preferences?





            1. re: boaziko

              thank you!

              food preferences, you mean? we like anything small and snack-like, and also foods/restaurants that are local/regional.

              we do not need formal tours, by the way, just suggestions. I believe we will have a rental car. thanks again

          2. re: boaziko

            Thanks for the info. Do you still do tours? Coming to Israel later this month. Less interested in fine dining nd more in authentic street food, etc.

            1. re: boaziko

              Hey Boaziko and anyone else that can help,
              I'd love to know about the fun and tasty food experiences you know about around Israel. I'd really like to check them out. Can you send me your suggestions?
              I'm not really looking to tour around Tel Aviv or any of the main cities, more around surrounding villages and areas.
              Thanks and looking forward to your suggestions.

              1. re: IFS

                Acco is a fun place to visit and eat. Check out this article:


                The best eating in Israel, including ethnic street food, is to be found in Tel Aviv/Jaffa and Jerusalem. Apart from isolated pockets in the north, the rest of the country is a culinary wasteland. It's not like Europe where there are good eats in the countryside. So don't avoid the cities.

                1. re: MarkC

                  Have you tried the link you supplied above? When I tried it just now I got a message that the "Page I requested could not be found."

                  Since I'll be in Acco in a couple of months, I'd love to see the information you're trying to share. Thanks.

                  1. re: MarkC

                    thanks...I also cant get into that link.
                    anyone know about any tasty and interesting food spots in Israel?

              2. you might try Mediterranean Kitchens. they have a cooking tour to Jerusalem that's just what you're looking for -

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                1. re: mistj

                  is the Mahane Yehuda market open every day? anyone know the hours?

                  1. re: sarapeater

                    I guess it will be closed on Saturday, and work on Friday till around 15;00 (the buisiest day) and daily from morning till early evening.

                2. I'm leading my third culinary tour to Israel but its not till February 2008. Educational, fun and delicious! Worth waiting for...

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                  1. re: Elyse Goldstein

                    Hi-- I am going to be in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I am making my own culinary tour :)

                    If anyone has any restaurant tips please let me know. I like stuff thats on the experimental side. What chefs are up and coming? What are the best places for breakfast lunch and dinner?
                    I am dining alone and cost is not an issue. I am really open to anything. This is my first time really traveling in Israel alone and I am very interested in food and dining.
                    Thank you in advance.