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Apr 28, 2007 08:12 AM

Wine Pairings at Resto Eve ?

We're going to the Tasting Room at Restaurant Eve for my birthday tonight and I was wondering how much the wine pairings are for the 5 and 9 course meals. Also, does anyone know what seasonal specialties might be on offer? TIA.

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  1. I can't remember exactly, but I thought it was pretty high when I did it for the 5 course. On the other hand, I thought they were really excellent and unusual pairings that I never would have tried myself and went very very well with the menue.

    1. Looks like this might be a bit late, but for further reference, do not ever skip out on the wine pairings at Eve. Their pairings are some of the best in the entire region, also some of the most interesting.

      1. They were expensive, I don't remember how much, but so incredibly, completely worth it. I had a fantastic experience with the five course tasting menu with paired wines...better than a dinner at Citronelle IMHO. The sommelier was fantastic in his explanations and discussion of the wine. I am a bit of a wine geek and so I like hearing the full scoop. The pairings were all excellent and are what made an amazing dinner over-the-top fabulous.