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Apr 28, 2007 08:00 AM

Annual Steak Frites Discussion?

I just read Mark Bittman's discussion of steak frites in Paris in the NYTimes and now I've got a craving. I looked through old posts on this subject and it seems to come up about once a year. Seems like this would be as good a time as any for Steak Frites 2007. :)

I'm looking for somewhere that serves hanger or skirt steak, not rib eye. I don't want truffles or flavored butters, though a nice pan sauce would be okay. Excellent fries of course (pommes souffles would be even better, but I've never seen them on a menu here). A casual bistro type place would be much preferred over a fancy-pants restaurant.

Any suggestions? Have any new places started serving steak frites since last year?

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  1. On a recent visit to Eastern Standard my DC had the steak frites - cooked to a perfect MR and served sliced with a blue cheese sauce on the side (good for dipping the frites). The frites at ESK are some of my favorite and my (small) taste of the steak was delicious (DC cleaned his plate and wasn't too keen to let me have more than a small bite!

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      I've done steak frites (or more specifically my wife has) at Les Zygomates, Butcher Shop in the South End and Chez Henri. All three are pretty darned good, though I think I'd give the nod to Butcher Shop for prime cut of meat and perfect rare-ness.

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        I thought the steak frites at ES was VG, it was an onglet as I recall (I don't like their moules frites however, as they serve cream sauce from the mussles for the fries rather than some sort of mayo). I've been meaning to get to Central Kitchen for their steak frites and with the nice weather might do this soon.

      2. i've had it as les zygomates and sel de la terre. yum on both places.

        i 2nd esk.

        pommes souffle are time-consuming and labor-intensive. only places i've ever had them in boston are clio and troquet.

        1. I preferred the steak frites at Chez Henri in Cambridge to ES, though I do love ES for many other things. I found the fries at ES a little too crispy , which made them a little unfriendly to the juices with the steak.

          I also recently had the steak frites at the Navy Yard Bistro and that dish was good there as well.

          Now I'm jonesing for some meat and potatoes.

          1. I'd offer up the SF at Pigalle. Your choice of skirt or tenderlion with a crushed black peper crust and a medallion of compound butter. This is placed on the steak just before service so it isn't all melted in case you want to keep things real simple. Lightly herbed perfect frites, no accompaniment necessary save for salting to your taste. Served w/ a side of creamed spinach that's recognisable as spinach. Simply briiliant.

            1. I've never personally had it there, but I would suspect that steak frites would be tasty at Brasserie Jo, given how well they do other standards.
              The rest of Pigalle's menu is too good to order steak frites.

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                i've had the frites as a side at brasserie jo, and they are very good.

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                  I've had the steak frites at Jo, and it is indeed good. They use a proper cut of steak, not ribeye, and it's chewy and flavorful.